5 Extra Things Marlin Steel Does to Ensure Basket Quality

December 3, 2019 | Custom Wire Baskets, American Manufacturing

shrimp-basketExceptional lengths must be taken in some industries to maintain quality. For example, medical practices and pharmaceutical companies must ensure strict sterile practices for the safety of their patients. Aerospace industries must be incredibly precise with their manufactured parts. Industrial manufacturers need strict efficiency to maintain orders. When there are deadlines to meet and lives on the line, you want to know your equipment is made with the utmost quality. Marlin Steel goes the extra mile to provide the best custom wire baskets for enhancing the efficiency and precision for our clients.

Marlin Steel prides itself on maintaining extra quality measures for making our custom wire baskets. Read below about the ways Marlin Steel ensures our wire form baskets are the best on the market

1. Leveraging Virtual Physics Simulation Software to Test Custom Wire Basket Designs

Marlin Steel’s engineering goes above and beyond when ensuring our custom wire baskets are top quality. During the designing and testing stage, Marlin Steel’s engineers use automated manufacturing and design testing techniques, including finite element analysis (FEA) software. By using FEA, Marlin Steel can test the basket design against the environmental and manufacturing conditions it will be placed in. For instance, if Marlin Steel’s engineers were designing a stainless steel hoist basket for a vapor degreasing process, the basket would undergo an FEA analysis to make sure it will withstand continuous exposure to high-temperature caustic vapors.

FEA testing ensures that the basket will not only meet the client’s performance expectations, but will also minimize delays and costs down the road. Using this software also decreases the risk of parts breaking during production, which reduces replacement costs as well as production downtime. Engineers can detect a weakness early on in the basket design and make changes before moving the design further along the production process. With FEA’s efficiency, Marin Steel can design, test, and build custom wire baskets that meet the client’s performance requirements.

2. Factory Automation Success for Marlin Steel

Marlin Steel’s employees are proud to provide true American-made manufacturing By using robotic manufacturing tools, Marlin Steel’s employees are able to not only work more efficiently, but also smarter. Robots, unlike humans, don’t get tired or suffer from repetitive motion stress injuries when making the same bend in metal continuously for hours on end. 

Manufacturing robots also maintain a high level of precision impossible for a human worker. Factory automation ensures that custom wire baskets have the proper dimensions and are capable of incredible consistency. Proper consistency is essential for making custom wire baskets since if a measurement deviates by even an inch, it may not work properly.

Factory automation is also safer for the employees of Marlin Steel. With machines doing most of the heavy labor, workers don’t have to handle sharp and heavy parts that may cause injury or strain. For example, a welding robot won’t be damaged if a weld gives off an unexpected spark—and the human worker overseeing the operation is a safe distance away. The human employees can monitor the assembly process while knowing they are safe. Marlin Steel cares not only about providing top quality custom wire baskets, but for the safety of its workers as well.

3. Marlin Steel’s Top Efficiency 

Using factory automation robots exponentially increases the efficiency of the production line. Marlin Steel can produce more custom wire baskets in less time with higher precision through the use of welding and wire bending robots than relying primarily on human workers. While a manual worker used to take a day to make 20 baskets, a manufacturing robot could assemble those baskets in a fraction of the time. 

This means Marlin Steel can deliver a top quality wire form much quicker than ever before. These robots are able to assemble wire forms throughout the morning, afternoon and night. This enables fast production for custom wire baskets and a quick delivery for clients. Along with the FEA analysis and consistency of the automation robots, Marlin Steel provides custom wire baskets can meet each client’s application tolerances.

The FEA analysis also saves time by testing the wire form designs against the specific client requirements. Instead of making multiple time-consuming prototypes which heighten costs, the FEA saves time and money.

4. Customization for Your Individual Needs

Having the right wire form for the job is an important part of maintaining efficiency on the production line. If a basket does not have the right dimensions or form, they will be unable to work efficiently. Marlin Steel designs and builds custom stainless steel baskets and other appliances based on each client’s specific needs. 

Marlin Steel also tests custom wire baskets based on their specific manufacturing and environmental stresses. This ensures longevity because the custom wire baskets are optimized to withstand the stresses of their specific applications. Choosing to customize your wire form basket translates to lower cost of ownership over time, because you would have your basket for years. 

5. American-Made Manufacturing

When you buy custom wire baskets from Marlin Steel , you also support American manufacturing and can rest assured that you are receiving top quality products. By buying American-made custom wire baskets, you also have incredibly fast delivery speeds. There’s no need to wait for slower overseas customs or shipping. This can shave months off the wait time. 

Our custom wire baskets are also held to a higher quality standard, because American-made products must uphold American safety requirements. This ensures that the custom wire baskets delivered to you are safe products and effective for your manufacturing application. 

From aerospace companies to medical practices, businesses all over the world count on the quality of the custom wire baskets of Marlin Steel. They trust our engineers to meet every specific requirement of their baskets, from the shape to the material because the team at Marlin Steel has had years of delivering the best and most efficient custom wire baskets. When it comes to stainless steel basket quality, Marlin Steel goes above and beyond.

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