Marlin Steel is a leader in custom sheet metal fabrication. We were one of three U.S. companies to receive the prestigious Pioneer Metalforming Award in 2013 from the Precision Metalforming Association and The Hitachi Foundation for the quality of our operation. With skilled craftsmen highly trained in the latest metallurgy techniques and armed with state-of-the-art automation, we deliver high quality products that meet exacting tolerances. 
  • Sheet Metal Basket 719020 Sheet Metal Basket 719020
  • Sheet Metal Basket 1791019 Sheet Metal Basket 1791019
  • Sheet Metal Basket 1615003 Sheet Metal Basket 1615003
  • Sheet Metal Basket 1679004 Sheet Metal Basket 1679004
  • Sheet Metal Basket 1679006 Sheet Metal Basket 1679006
  • Our work has ranged from precision metal enclosures (enabling a major fuel distributor to roll out a new green technology) to sheet metal containers for ultrasonic cleaning (such as those created for a drive train manufacturer). We are skilled at large production runs of custom metal brackets, such as those we produce for a major Midwest distributor, as well as shorter runs for contract manufacturing. Marlin Steel sheet metal fabrications include:

    • Baskets.
    • Carts.
    • Hardware casings.
    • Shelving.
    • Fan and light guards.
    • Gears.
    • Vacuum ducts.
    • Side beds.
    • Hangers.
    • Cam boxes.
    • Box plugs.
    • Telescoping sleeves for inner ducts as well as telescoping outer ducts, 
      and many other products.

    We export to 36 countries using automated manufacturing techniques. Robotics are also used for our arc, MIG, TIG, and resistance spot welding to deliver a consistently strong and aesthetically satisfactory result. 

    Because of our machining capabilities, we are able to create custom tooling to maintain workflows and keep production both on schedule and on budget. Our milling and machining equipment includes machines from Haas, a renowned name in the industry. 

    We have extensive experience fabricating products using a wide range of materials, such as: aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, titanium, and low carbon mild steel. We also have designed and fabricated products in Lexan, glass, laminates and plastic. Our engineering team can recommend the best raw material and finish to allow your parts to fulfill your objectives. Customers have a choice of finishes including chrome, nickel, plastic, epoxy, zinc, brass, Teflon, Nylon, Halar and more. Stainless-steel units can be electropolished and passivated for a shiny finish or delivered with a natural finish. 

    Some of the most common materials our customers choose include:

    • Grade 301 Stainless: High strength. Excellent corrosion resistance. Useful for a wide variety of applications. Less corrosion resistant than 304 because it has lower chromium and nickel content and higher carbon, but if the material is not regularly exposed to high temperatures, saltwater, or other very corrosive conditions, 301 should be fine.
    • Grade 304 Stainless: For most applications, 304 grade has the best combination of corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, and cost.
    • Grade 316 Stainless: Corrosion resistant. Heat resistant. For high corrosion resistance in food, biomedical, marine, and heat exchanger applications, 316 can be worth the price difference. The resistance to solvents, chlorides, acetic acid, and to salt water can make 316 the preferred choice for use in processes that involve these solutions. The quality of the surface finish and the amount of cold work (most often referred to as the hardness, as in quarter-hard or half-hard) influences the corrosion resistance greatly.
    • Grade 410 Stainless: This material is less common. This alloy possesses a very high hardness and great heat treatability. However, it also has poor corrosion resistance.

    Our Machinery 

    • Trumpf TruLaser 1030 Sheet Metal Laser Cutter:
      • 61 feet a minute (18 m/m).
      • Cuts 0.6" (15 mm).
      • Tolerance of +/- 0.004" or 0.1 mm thick.
      • Accommodates 5' (1500 mm) by 10' (3000 mm) sheet size; less scrap and waste.
      • 120" bed.
      • 4 axis back gauge.
      • Made in Connecticut.
    • Trumpf Steel Press Brake:
      • +/-10 micron RAM tolerance and 0.25 degrees on 122" length.
      • 132 tons of force.
      • 122" (3104 mm) bending length.
      • Four-axis back gauge.
    • Trumpf 2020 CNC Punch:
      • Fastest CNC punch in USA.
      • Automatic Loader 96" (2442 mm) x 48" (1221 mm) sheets of material -- no waiting.
      • "Lights Out" Operation: runs nights and weekends.
      • Optimization Software: lays out nesting pattern in seconds.
      • Made by the largest manufacturer of industrial punches and lasers in North America.
      • 900 strokes per minute with 0.004" (0.1 mm) tolerance.