Examples of Marlin Steel custom wire baskets for automotive.

Manufacturers in the automotive industry need both speed and precision. Motor vehicles are held to a high degree of performance standards to keep consumers safe—and much of that relies on the accuracy and quality of the vehicle parts. Additionally, manufacturers need to keep up with the demand for new vehicles and parts.

If your question is “how can I get the best from my automotive parts production process?” investing in custom wire baskets may be the answer for you. Custom wire baskets can help you deliver consistent results more efficiently. 

Marlin Steel’s engineers can provide the perfect wire basket solution for your automotive industry needs. Your automotive parts company can benefit from these custom wire baskets in numerous ways. 

Why Use Marlin’s Custom Wire Baskets?

Our custom wire baskets can help benefit your automotive parts company in several ways:

Improved Ability to Meet Production Tolerances

Customized ultrasonic parts cleaning baskets can incorporate features that will prevent surface damage to your more delicate automotive parts, ensuring that they can meet performance tolerances more easily. For example, dividers can be added to keep parts from colliding if your washing process involves an ultrasonic automotive parts cleaner. Or, the wires of the container can be made specifically to hold your parts in place without them coming loose.

Reduction in Scrap Production

By preventing surface scratches to delicate parts, custom wire baskets can keep you from having to scrap whole parts or waste time and materials reworking those parts. This helps you reduce waste in your manufacturing process while saving time and money.

Fewer Production Delays

Reworking and scrapping parts has an additional cost beyond the scrap produced and material used. That’s extra time and labor that has to be assigned to the creation of a single product. Using a basket that is designed to prevent the scratches and dents that cause parts to need reworking/scrapping helps avoid delays in production.

Longer Times Between Reorders

Marlin Steel’s engineers test each basket design using Autodesk physics simulation software before the baskets are made. By plugging in the basket’s design and material information, the software can run tests that show how a given custom basket would stand up to thousands of hours of use in a few minutes, and tell engineers if and why the basket would fail. The result is a sturdier, longer-lasting parts container that doesn’t require replacement as frequently.

Our Automotive Sheet Metal & Wire Baskets

Marlin Steel manufactures custom weldments, gear baskets, auto sheet metal baskets, and custom wire baskets for use in the automotive industry. We specialize in creating precision wire forms quickly using a variety of automated manufacturing equipment to ensure consistent results. Check out some of our baskets below:

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