How to Choose the Right Pail Wire Handle for Your Application

February 16, 2021 | Wire Handles

02511010While buckets and other objects for carrying and transporting materials may be equipped with other attachments to help ease transportation such as a bucket with wheels, pails have handles. Because of their design, which concentrates the bulk of the weight of what’s being carried, it means a pail wire handle is an important feature.

With the acquisition of Baltimore Automatic Wire Forming Corporation (BAWFC), Marlin Steel assumed production of pail handles, bucket handles, paint can handles, and wire handles with and without grips for plastic or steel cans. BAWFC, the oldest and largest wire handle company in the USA, exports throughout the world and the team at Marlin will continue to build on BAWFC’s reputation for quality when it comes to bucket handles.

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What Are Pail Wire Handles?

Pail wire handles are galvanized steel wire handles, affixed to pails, to ease carrying of materials from one area to another. Handles, with comfort grips or without, make carrying heavy or cumbersome items easier and safer and, as noted, the design of pails, with a narrow bottom and wider top, often means the weight is focused. For this reason, pails wire handles may be better with a comfort grip.

Use Cases for Pail Wire Handles

While one might think the only application for a wire pail handle is on an actual pail, wire pail handles are utilitarian and versatile. There are other applications as well, including just about anywhere a steel wire handle would be useful.

Consider wire pail handles for use on:

  • Pots- Particularly those that may be susceptible to moisture, heat, or other environmental concerns, might be replaced by a steel wire handle instead. In industrial or commercial settings, this might also make carrying it easier if it needs to be moved or stored.

  • Utensils- For large utensils, as those used in food manufacturing facilities or large industrial kitchens, steel wire handles may be useful for storage

  • Baskets- Marlin Steel produces a variety of wire mesh baskets for multiple uses across several industries including the aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, and food manufacturing sectors. In all of these industries, ensuring reliable and durable handles for wire mesh baskets, regardless of their use, is vital.

  • Canning Industries- Steel wire pail handles can be easily attached to large cans as well, for use in the paint, oil, and food production industries.

Why Use Steel Pail Wire Handles Over Other Handle Materials?

We don’t really notice something like a handle, until what we’re carrying is cumbersome or heavy, or degrades making a pail or bucket less useful. That’s why considering what type of handle to use on your pails is actually a pretty important decision.

Consider using a galvanized steel wire pail handle if:

1. You need corrosion resistance

Regular steel can rusts and breaks down when exposed to humidity or moisture. Galvanized steel is coated and creates a physical barrier to water damage. In other words, it won’t corrode or rust.

2. You need a tough long-lasting product

Not only does the galvanized steel provide protection from moisture, but the zinc coating also means you get protection from other elements as well. This protective buffer means a galvanized steel bucket handle, made with American steel, can last about 20 years with water exposure and up to 50 years in most other environments.  

3. You need to haul heavy materials

When transporting materials, the last thing you want is the bucket handle to fail, causing a spill or even damage to your raw materials. For that reason, you want to choose a sturdy wire bucket handle, the kind made of galvanized steel.

4. You need a low cost option

Galvanized steel tends to be more cost effective than most other treated or coated steels. It doesn’t and won’t need additional preparation and is ready to go, to replace other wire bucket handles or to simply be added to an existing bucket inventory.  This spares Marlin Steel customers additional preparation costs when they purchase our galvanized steel wire bucket handles.

Top Considerations to Make When Selecting a Pail Wire Handle

When you consider any tool, or any enhancement to an existing tool, you want to consider function and uses. In those considerations, obviously the environment is a top concern as are any other conditions, chemicals, or circumstances that may impact the durability or functionality. In other words, what jobs will it be used for and what are the challenges within that environment?
If you’re looking for a sturdy, tough, reliable, weather-resistant solution, then galvanized steel wire pail handles are the top choice. When it comes to heavy loads, you want a pail handle that’s going to last.

Nearly every internet search you do regarding pail handles demonstrates that handle breakage is a real issue and most people need to get pretty creative in finding or making replacements. With the durability and strength of galvanized steel wire handles, those won’t be your concerns.

Regardless of the application, Marlin Steel’s reputation for providing high quality American steel products, and its place in the market as the number one provider of wire bucket and pail handles, means that, when you place your order, you’re getting the best on the market. If you’ve got questions about what you might need, or how we can manufacture something to meet those needs, reach out today!

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