Marlin Steel Adds a Hydmech S-23A Automatic Pivot Style Band Saw

February 27, 2018 | Robotic Manufacturing, American Manufacturing

HydmechA core part of Marlin Steel’s mission to deliver “Quality, Engineered Quick®” is the integration of both advanced factory automation and the training of personnel who can make the most of each manufacturing tool at their disposal.

Having the right tools allows Marlin to easily fill more complicated and demanding custom metal form orders. To this end, Marlin Steel constantly researches the latest manufacturing techniques and looks for ways to fill gaps in its production capabilities.

As a part of Marlin’s latest set of renovations to its factory floor, the company is adding a Hydmech S-23A automatic pivot style band saw to its list of factory automation tools.

What is the Hydmech S-23A?

The Hydmech S-23A is a type of automatic band saw that is capable of “swinging” its saw head to cut at an angle. Using the programmable cutting controls, it is possible to get a consistently-angled cut in multiple consecutive parts with far greater accuracy than a manual cutting method could produce.

Another standard feature of this automated band saw that makes it a great tool to add to Marlin’s factory floor is how the blade chamber separates materials from the cut part to facilitate assembly line production. When a cut is finished, the blade stays in the down position while the shuttle vise retracts the cutting stock. A new length of material is then advanced automatically, and the cutting process resumes. Using this method, the S-23A is able to run almost completely unattended without having to worry about the blade catching on materials.

Additionally, most of the high-wear components, such as the blade brush and carbide guide inserts, are designed to be easily-replaced—minimizing downtime for the machine when such repairs are necessary. A flood coolant system with a built-in hose for washing down the blade helps to regulate the blade’s temperature to prevent heat stress that leads to early breakage.

See the Hydmech S-23A in action on the Marlin Steel shop floor:

Why Marlin is Adding the S-23A

Basically, the Hydmech S-23A is a workhorse device that can create specifically-angled cuts in wires, tubes, and bars with ease. This increases the range of wire forming options available to Marlin’s engineers—meaning that they’ll be able to create new kinds of custom wire baskets using this tool.

The ability to make cuts at 90, 60, or 30 degree angles is a unique capability from the Rouselle straight side press that Marlin already has. The Rouselle machine instead makes straight up-and-down motions to pressure wires into a specific shape for piercing, swaging, or cutting wire and cannot make specifically-angled cuts.

By adding the Hydmech automatic pivot style band saw, Marlin Steel is increasing both its production capacity and the range of manufacturing operations that can be completed. The Hydmech will be used to cut heavy steel items that we will use for structures like hoist baskets, mobile carts, bumpers, and more.

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