Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Visits Marlin Steel!

March 29, 2017 | American Manufacturing, News, Publications & Events

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The Marlin Steel crew is honored to have hosted Maryland’s Governor, Larry Hogan, at our Baltimore factory. He was accompanied by Secretary Kelly M. Shulz, who was here previously to present Marlin Steel with a SHARP designation from OSHA.

Governor Hogan has done a great job of helping to promote manufacturing and jobs in the state of Maryland. Some of the measures he’s enacted include:

  • Cutting tolls at toll facilities across the state;
  • Reducing or eliminating 255 different fees;
  • Preventing roughly 100 different job-killing regulations from taking effect; and
  • Investing $12.4 billion into K-12 public education.

As noted in the Governor’s online bio, “since January 2015, and under the governor’s leadership, Maryland has created more than 73,000 jobs.” This is a marked improvement over previous administrations that were consistently losing jobs and job makers each year.

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What Was the Visit About?


The theme for Governor Hogan’s visit was jobs and growth for the State of Maryland. A key part of Maryland’s future growth for jobs is the “More Jobs for Marylanders Act,” which Governor Hogan mentioned in his address to the gathering manufacturers, Marlin Steel workers, and members of the press that were present.

In front of representatives from about 40 different Maryland-based factories, our state’s Governor talked about the importance and impact of this bill and what it could mean for the future of the state.

Key impacts of the bill include:

  • Increasing the cap on accelerated depreciation credit from $25,000 to $500,000. Other states, like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware have a $500,000 depreciation credit, making it much easier to swallow the cost of adding advanced factory automation. As Marlin CEO Drew Greenblatt points out during his speech, “I can’t even get the electricals I need for $25,000… Accelerated depreciation, it’ll give companies like mine the testosterone needed to go out and buy pieces of equipment like this [points to a Trumpf CNC Press Brake].”
  • Incentives for hiring Marylanders. Companies that hire more people will get some preferable treatment from the State, helping incentivize hiring more people. This helps to grow jobs and stimulate the economy, as well as offset some of the costs of growing jobs in Maryland.

Measures such as the “More Jobs for Marylanders Act” can help to draw in more manufacturers and job creators to the state. This will create more jobs, stimulate Maryland’s economy, and help small businesses grow.


This is why Governor Hogan has worked so hard with manufacturers and supporters across the state to put the Act together and get it through the Maryland legislature. Drew Greenblatt even testified in support of the Act a few weeks ago to help ensure that legislators know what the Act means for both job makers and workers in Maryland.

Bills such as the “More Jobs for Marylanders Act” are incredibly important for securing the future of the state, growing jobs, and improving the overall quality of life for our state’s citizens. Please show your support for the Act and other bills like it by researching them, learning how they can help, and contacting your state legislature.

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