Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets for Use in the Petroleum Industry

August 16, 2018 | Sheet Metal Fabrication, American Manufacturing

Oil refineries often have harsh conditions that can cause excessive wear and tear to unprotected storage cabinets.Petroleum refineries are the backbone of many other industries—taking in crude oil and turning it into gasoline, asphalt, kerosene, and many other petroleum-based products or raw materials for other industries. Many of the processes to create these products involve harsh chemicals that can cause metal to corrode quickly if exposed.

Because of the harsh conditions found in and around petroleum processing areas, everything in the refinery needs to be made to withstand severe stresses. This goes double for the stainless steel storage cabinets that are to be permanently installed onsite for workers to use in their daily routines.

Why Stainless Steel Cabinets?

You never know what stresses a safety storage cabinet might be exposed to during the emergencies for which they (and their contents) were installed. Steel safety storage cabinets can withstand massive impacts and high temperatures better than plastic ones ever could. However, plain steel wouldn’t work in many refineries because of the risk of exposure to various chemicals that would quickly corrode metals without a strong protective oxide layer.

To provide optimal resistance to physical impacts, high temperatures, and chemical exposure, a high-performance material like grade 304 stainless steel is a necessity. A rugged stainless steel safety storage cabinet can withstand years of daily use without rusting up and becoming hard to open—which can be critical during an emergency where workers need to access the contents of the cabinet quickly.

American-Made Quality, Made to Order

Marlin Steel’s Baltimore-based factory specializes in creating custom stainless steel wire, sheet metal, and expanded metal forms for use in many different industries, including the petroleum industry. All of our custom metal forms are made right here in the USA to the highest standards of quality.

To help ensure consistently high “Quality, Engineered Quick®,” Marlin uses:

  • Custom Metal Form Questionnaires. Before we design a custom steel cabinets, we’ll send you a questionnaire asking for details about what the cabinet will be used for (storing emergency supplies, uniforms, or raw materials), what processes you conduct at your factory (including process temperatures, chemicals, and byproducts the cabinet may be exposed to), and more. This helps Marlin’s design engineers create the perfect stainless steel storage cabinets for your needs.

  • Finite Element Analysis. Before giving any custom steel cabinet design the green light, it is first put through virtual physics simulations to test it against the conditions it will be exposed to. These finite element analysis (FEA) tests can simulate decades of use in mere minutes. If the cabinet bends so much as a human hair’s width, the design fails and gets reworked until it can pass.

  • Factory Automation. Marlin uses a variety of manufacturing robots to ensure that every last custom steel cabinet it makes can meet incredibly tight parts tolerances with consistency. Unlike manual laborers, these machines don’t get tired, bored, or suffer repetitive motion stress injuries—meaning they can work at peak efficiency from dawn till dusk. These machines help Marlin ensure incredible consistency and super-fast manufacturing.

  • Degreed Mechanical Engineers. 20% of Marlin’s employees are degreed mechanical engineers who have extensive book-learning backed by years of practical experience in manufacturing custom metal forms. This helps them create the best possible custom stainless steel cabinet designs to meet your needs.

Need a high-quality custom stainless steel safety storage cabinet for your refinery facility? Contact the experts at Marlin Steel to get an American-made steel cabinet customized for your needs.

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