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Marlin Steel can manufacture custom sheet metal fabrication forms to fit a variety of needs. Tools such as the CNC press brake, CNC punch, and laser cutter allow Marlin’s production team to custom shape sheet metal quickly and consistently.

Sheet metal fabrications are perfect for jobs that demand a high tensile strength and a more complete enclosure than what steel wire can provide.

Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets for Use in the Petroleum Industry

Marlin Steel on August 16, 2018
Petroleum refineries are the backbone of many other industries—taking in crude oil and turning it into gasoline, asphalt, kerosene, and many other petroleum-based products or raw materials for other industries. Many of ...

Meet Marlin’s New Minster CX1-1100 Press

Marlin Steel on June 28, 2018
Using advanced factory automation ...

Making Grade 304 Stainless Steel Racks for Military Parts Cleaning

Marlin Steel on June 19, 2018
When most people think of the different branches of the military, they often picture the various fighting vehicles used by each branch of America’s armed forces. However, what they often forget about is all of the ...

Making Custom Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Baskets with Handles

Marlin Steel on May 10, 2018
A lot of the time on this blog, the primary subject is custom wire baskets for a variety of applications. However, sometimes, a wire basket might not be the best solution for a client’s ...

A Quick Look at How the Sheet Metal Punching Process Works

Marlin Steel on April 17, 2018
Sheet metal punching is one of the key techniques that Marlin Steel uses to shape custom metal forms for a variety of industries. With CNC metal punches, Marlin’s production team can create a variety of customized ...

4 Products a Laser Cutting Metal Machine Can Produce

Marlin Steel on April 5, 2018
Metal-cutting lasers are incredibly useful tools for Marlin’s production team—largely because they can make micrometer-precise cuts in sheet metal of varying thicknesses without causing excessive distortion at the site ...

Custom Stainless Steel Cart for an Overseas Sterilization Process

Marlin Steel on November 17, 2017
In many different industries it's a requirement that parts, products, and/or handling equipment undergo frequent cleaning and sterilization ...

3 Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Marlin Steel on November 9, 2017
Marlin Steel has helped numerous companies achieve their production goals with custom sheet metal forms over the years. Using a variety of ...

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