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What is the Best Food Grade Stainless Steel?

Ask anyone who’s ever had food poisoning and they can tell you it’s not pleasant, and that’s being polite. Food safety is so important that a staggering

10 Reasons that Steel is Better for Materials Handling than Plastic

Marlin Steel and the steel industry in general is unique in that it works with raw materials to provide products to a wide variety of industries which seem quite disparate. It’s what happens when the high quality

The Best Grades of Stainless Steel For Sheet Metal Basket Fabrication

In any custom sheet metal basket application, the material your metal basket is made of can be just as important as the design of the basket itself.

Press Brake vs. Roll Form: 4 Factors to Choose a Fabrication Method

Choosing between press braking and roll forming is a big decision with many factors to consider.  The fabrication method you select usually comes down what method will provide you with a quality result for

What to Look for in an Industrial Rolling Cart

The humble stainless steel utility cart should not be overlooked as an essential operational tool. Stainless steel utility carts are a

What is Sheet Metal Stamping and How Does It Work?

When most people hear the word “stamping,” their first thought is either postage, or someone dipping a rubber stamp in ink to leave a mark on some kind of document. However, for manufacturers, stamping has a very

4 Best Sheet Metal Punching Strategies

Sheet metal fabrication is a major part of Marlin’s custom basket manufacturing process. Many of Marlin’s custom wire

Aerospace Grade Stainless Steel Baskets for Washing Small Parts

Many of the most critical parts in an aerospace industry product are incredibly small. These tiny