The 3 Employees We Hired and the Robot

January 11, 2013 | Stainless Steel Baskets, Robotic Manufacturing

After we blogged yesterday about how a change in U.S. tax law helped us add three workers by enabling faster depreciation of our latest robot acquisition, someone asked for some visual affirmation. So here it is:


Tom, Edrick, Liston and the TruLaser 1030 Tom, Edrick, Liston and the TruLaser 1030

Marlin Steel hired Tom Gamble, Edrick Smith and Liston Clise because they're skillful workers, but also because the tax savings under changes in Section 179 of the tax code after purchasing equipment like the TruLaser 1030 helped provide the resources to do it. Tom performs our MIG (metal inert gas) welding. Liston does setup and operations for the press brake that bends sheet metal. And Edrick performs setup on our CNC Robot that bends and welds steel wire used to construct our mesh baskets and other products. We mentioned that to the outgoing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner when he visited our Baltimore facility last spring. Congress upheld that tax-law change in Section 179 when it passed the "fiscal cliff" bill two weeks ago. We hope to be able to count on Congress in the coming months and beyond -- as much as we do Tom, Edrick, Liston and the TruLaser.