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Author: Drew Greenblatt
Drew Greenblatt
Drew Greenblatt bought Marlin Steel Wire Products in 1998 when it was a small maker of a commodity product. Since then, it has grown revenue seven-fold. In the face of challenges to the global economy, Marlin Steel has invested more than $3.5 million in robotics in a quest for quality and speed.

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Drew Greenblatt Discusses Manufacturing with The New York Times

Drew Greenblatt on May 1, 2014
Marlin Steel’s president and CEO Drew Greenblatt recently sat down for an interview with John ...

Let Marlin Steel’s Expert Engineers Answer Your Questions

Drew Greenblatt on May 1, 2014
Over the years, the Marlin Steel team has evolved. Back in the ‘90s, when Drew Greenblatt first acquired the company, we were a simple commodity manufacturer of wire baskets. Today, we are a highly advanced manufacturer of products that require ...

Using Automation Manufacturing to Deliver Superior Results

Drew Greenblatt on April 30, 2014
An industry-leading supplier of high-tech systems and components to the aerospace and defense markets recently contacted us to make ...

Marlin Steel’s Taking the Edges out of Wire Baskets

Drew Greenblatt on April 29, 2014

Moving at the Speed of Light: Laser Cutting and Marlin Steel

Drew Greenblatt on April 24, 2014
In the world of manufacturing, the turnaround time for one project can have a huge impact on the success of a whole business. In today’s world, consumers of manufactured goods want what they want, when they want it, not 4-6 weeks from now. ...

The Benefits of Transferring Your Production Line to Marlin Steel

Drew Greenblatt on April 9, 2014
Marlin Steel is proud to offer to manufacture your products on our production lines by transferring the line from your facility to our own. Many larger manufacturers already transfer the production of their products to other companies. For example, GM ...

Marlin Steel Supports the Marian Greenblatt Education Fund

Drew Greenblatt on April 8, 2014
The Montgomery County Public Schools Announces Their Finalists for Teacher of the Year! ...

American Manufacturing and Factory Automation Success for Marlin Steel

Drew Greenblatt on April 2, 2014
Marlin Steel was recently featured in the pages of Foreign Policy Magazine as an American automation success story. The piece, titled “Made in the U.S.A. (Again),” talks about how ...

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