Benefits of Using Removable Inserts in Parts Washing Baskets

July 18, 2016 | Custom Wire Baskets, Wire Forms

removable dividers and other speciality inserts help increase the versatility of wire baskets.Optimizing parts washing processes can help save time and money on the production line. A well-optimized process gets parts cleaned the first time without causing damage to the part. Suboptimal parts cleaning processes generate extra work and scrap by failing to get parts clean efficiently or causing damage to delicate parts.

Many manufacturers rely on specialized custom wire baskets with millimeter-precise fittings for running delicate parts through their finishing processes. However, what about manufacturers who have many different kinds of parts, and parts finishing processes?

To overcome this particular challenge, some manufacturers have employed specialized inserts for their baskets to make them useful for a wide variety of parts and processes.

Designing Around Interchangeable Inserts

Baskets designed to hold a removable insert can be designed in a few distinct ways.

Some baskets are made with a specific set of interchangeable inserts in mind. Here, the inserts are usually created at the same time as the basket itself. The basket will have some kind of system for securing these specific inserts, such as slots or latches built into the interior of the basket’s frame.

The inserts used here usually consist of long, thin lengths of sheet metal or welded wire.

Another way to approach the design of a basket to be used with removable inserts is to simply make the basket large, empty, and add a lid. In these cases, the inserts are designed around the basket to fill the empty space as efficiently as possible.

When the insert is removed, you have a large, empty space that could be used to hold larger parts. These inserts tend to be larger and more solid to help the inserts stay seated in the basket since the basket itself might not have any securing mechanisms.

Inserts can be made from a variety of materials to better meet the requirements of individual parts washing processes and parts.

Benefits of Removable Inserts

Using a basket designed around using many different removable inserts helps to heighten the basket’s versatility. With specialized inserts for a variety of parts, the basket can be used for many different parts for years after the original parts it was originally created have been taken out of circulation.

Additionally, the empty basket itself is useful for washing especially large parts that wouldn’t fit in the basket if the inserts were a permanent part of it.

Replacement costs of baskets also goes down by using removable inserts—you don’t have to reorder the whole basket if the insert gets damaged during a wash process. For example, if you use inserts made of softer materials to keep delicate parts from scratching, these materials will typically wear out much faster than the stainless steel used for the basket frame.

By increasing the versatility of baskets, custom removable inserts can help increase productivity for manufacturers in all kinds of industries.

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