Improve Aircraft Maintenance with Stainless Steel Baskets

January 9, 2020 | Stainless Steel Baskets

aircraft-maintenenceProper aircraft maintenance and cleaning is essential for maintaining an efficient and safe aerospace environment. Industry requirements for aircraft maintenance, inspection, and parts manufacturing can be strict. For example, FAA regulations maintain that aerospace companies need to manage and identify individual engine components. So, every means should be taken to facilitate an efficient cleaning process with high traceability for parts.

Stainless steel custom wire baskets can help expedite the maintenance, inspection, and cleaning process for aircraft applications.

Streamlining Systems for Effective Aircraft Maintenance

The maintenance process for aircraft components can be fastidious. Meeting exacting industry regulations can be a problem when competing for deadlines and maintaining an efficient process. Aerospace parts, including engine components, can be very delicate and need to be separated from other parts during the cleaning process to prevent damage. Custom stainless steel baskets can be used to expedite an otherwise tedious process, streamlining cleaning and maintenance for improved efficiency.

With Marlin Steel’s custom design services, your basket can be customized to fit your particular requirements. Whether you need specific dimensions for your basket, special features for improved cleaning, or corrosion-resistant materials to survive a harsh cleaning process, Marlin Steel can design a basket suitable for your needs. For instance, stainless steel baskets for small parts for cleaning process are built with fine wire mesh to prevent any small parts from escaping during the washing process.

Marlin Steel has also developed a patented circular float designed specifically to protect and efficiently move aircraft engine parts during the engine overhaul process. The float’s polymer coating prevents metal on metal contact during the cleaning process, and its heavy duty casters and straps allow the float to securely hold large engines or jet turbine fans. The customized basket float allows your turbine to be protected while allowing multiple floats to be joined together and moved efficiently at ease, further streamlining the engine overhaul process.

The Benefits of Using Custom Stainless Steel Baskets

Customization for Your Needs

The engineers at Marlin Steel can design your basket to create your own personal solution to improve overall efficiency for cleaning and storage.

Using stainless steel custom wire baskets can also save you valuable floor space. Marlin Steel’s engineers can make baskets that are able to stack on top of or nest within other baskets. This saves space when the baskets are not in use. The stacking option is most popular for baskets that need to sit while loaded with parts, while the nesting option is preferred for empty basket storage.

Custom wire baskets can also be made to be used for multiple processes. For example, instead of having to stock three different baskets, aerospace companies can use a single basket for three processes. This also helps to reduce the time that would otherwise be used on transitioning parts from one wire basket to another. Stainless steel baskets for small parts can also be designed to be carried in larger carts so they can be stored vertically, further saving floor space.

Durability of Stainless Steel

The stainless steel alloys used for aerospace steel are highly corrosion resistant due to their protective oxide layer. When compared with aerospace grade aluminum or other similar metals, stainless steel has a higher shear modulus, tensile strength, and melting point. This makes custom wire baskets perfect for aircraft cleaning processes since the basket must withstand high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and retain durability during repeated parts washing processes.

The harsh washing process for aerospace applications can be damaging to both large-scale and small-scale parts if they are not handled properly. Custom wire baskets are made to protect the parts being held, whether through a mesh liner to prevent parts from falling out or a soft coating to prevent metal from scraping.

Additionally, the baskets themselves are designed to withstand harsh conditions and chemicals such as what is used in ultrasonic cleaners or chemical baths. A stainless steel custom wire basket can be an integral means of safety and efficiency for aerospace applications. Stainless steel outperforms other metals due to its higher tensile strength and melting point as well as its superior durability. Integrating stainless steel wire baskets in the cleaning operations ensures that aerospace companies can have the most effective and efficient processes for aircraft maintenance and cleaning.

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