Introducing the IDEAL Future of Welding

July 8, 2014 | Robotic Manufacturing, American Manufacturing, Welding

The IDEAL Welding MachineMarlin Steel is proud to announce that we have installed a new, top-of-the-line IDEAL welding system in our production facility. With this new piece of incredibly precise, automated Medium Frequency Direct Current (“MFDC”) welding equipment, Marlin Steel is now able to provide a level of quality, efficiency, and service that is unique among American manufacturers.

Why is our new IDEAL welder such a big deal?

Well, there are many answers to that question, including:

  • It is a rare piece of equipment. The Versaweld CSR102-1230-3-MFDC NC Jig Welding System from IDEAL is a brand new system with a limited production run. At the time of this writing, there are only five of these machine in the world, and ours is the only one outside of Germany.
  • It supports welding in three dimensions. A standard automated welder can only make welds along the X axis and the Y axis; this means that they can only weld along a flat plane. Our new welder from IDEAL can make welds along the X, Y, and Z axes all at once.
  • It completes welds much faster than a traditional machine. This new welding system is much more efficient than a traditional welding machine, completing welds in2/1000th of a second – that is fast! This is 1/30th the time of a standard Alternating Current automated welder so sharp edges do not have time to form.
  • It has a 10’ x 4’ table. Most welding machines have a 4’ x 4’ table. With a 10’ x 4’ table, the IDEAL welder has 40 sq. ft. of weld area, more than double that of a typical welder. This will allow Marlin Steel to automate the welding process of much larger parts that other companies simply won’t have the capacity to handle.
  • It has four different welding heads. With different built-in welding heads, the IDEAL is able to handle a variety of welding tasks. For example, the pincer welding head is equipped with a set of servos that allow it to rotate 359° as well as moving up and down.
  • It can handle rounded edges. Speaking of the multiple welding heads, and the ability of the welder to move in three dimensions, the IDEAL welder can handle rounded edges (like guards and grills) with curved contours without the need of a human to move in and take care of these welds manually.


These are but a few of the primary reasons why those of us here at Marlin Steel are excited to be getting the revolutionary new welding system in our production facility. However, the short descriptions in the bullet points above don’t do justice to the impact that these benefits of the IDEAL welding machine will have.

We will talk more about what makes this machine such a unique and important investment, and how it will ensure that Marlin Steel will have the best weld quality in future posts. Be sure to check our blog for more information over the next few weeks.

Marlin Steel Ideal Welding Machine