The IDEAL Loading Table

July 17, 2014 | Custom Wire Baskets, Wire Forms, Welding

We’ve talked about how the IDEAL welder’s welding speed and the maneuverability of its welding heads enable it to quickly weld irregular shapes that standard machines simply can’t do. From vertical welds to 3D movement that enables welding along a rounded edge, our new IDEAL welder can handle many welding tasks that would have been impossible to automate with a less capable welder.




Today, we’re going to discuss another feature of the IDEAL welder: its enormous welding table.

Bigger is Better for Welding

For the vast majority of automated welders out there, a 4’ X 4’ table is the norm. This allows for parts that are up to roughly 16 square feet to be loaded and welded.

The IDEAL welder, on the other hand, boasts a 10’ X 4’ table, enabling much larger parts to be welded. With 40 sq. ft. of weld area to work with, the IDEAL welder is able to handle some of the biggest welding jobs out there.

Combine the IDEAL welder’s huge table size with the ability to handle vertical welds, irregular (non-90° angle) welds and on-the-fly welding height adjustments, it becomes possible to completely automate very large, complicated welding jobs.

Imagine a metal form that is 1’ X 3’ X 5’ for its height, width, and length. A typical welding machine’s table might fit the width of the part, but be completely unable to accommodate the length and height of the part without serious retooling or manual assistance. The IDEAL welder, on the other hand, could accommodate such a part with room to spare.

Not only is the table of the IDEAL welder large enough to accommodate such large parts, the fact that the upper welding arms can elevate themselves up to 400 mm (15.7”) above the table and the lower welding arms can move 200 mm (7.8”) below the table.

The sheer size of the welding area and the ability to weld at different elevations both above and below the table is a huge advantage for welding especially large or irregularly-shaped parts.

If you have a need to manufacture large, precision-crafted parts that have irregular shapes, the IDEAL automated welder is the best way to get the precision of an automatic weld combined with the detail work on rounded edges that would otherwise only be possible with manual welding techniques.

Get the best weld quality on your big projects today with our new automated welder from IDEAL Welding Systems!

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