When I met the Man Who helped Save My Company

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Andy Ratner on June 11, 2013

Inc magazine logoDrew Greenblatt's latest column in Inc. magazine about a friend and mentor, author Eli Goldratt, who died at the too-young age of 64 two years ago today:


Eli Goldratt and Drew Greenblatt, April 2011 Eli Goldratt and Drew Greenblatt, April 2011

"I ran into a business consultant at a conference -- we were the only two folks from Maryland and we started chatting. I asked him about any useful books he’d recommend and he mentioned Eli Goldratt’s. I listened.

Goldratt was a physicist and management theorist whose iconic management book, “The Goal,” had already sold 3 million copies by then. His fictionalized account about how a beleaguered plant manager succeeds by discovering “lean manufacturing” is required reading not just on factory floors but in hospitals, schools, halls of government and corporate board rooms. That book -- and Goldratt himself -- were transformative for my company." ... Read more

Author: Andy Ratner
Andy Ratner

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