Wire Baskets and Stainless Steel Trays in the Dental Field

March 31, 2021 | Custom Wire Baskets, Stainless Steel Trays, Medical/Pharmaceutical

One of the reasons stainless steel is used in so many industries is its versatility. The properties that make it valuable in one field, like food production, are the properties that make it indispensable in another, like medical or dental fields. It’s why so many industries come to Marlin Steel.

The dental industry in particular requires a lot of stainless steel instruments, but also needs dental cassettes to store and sterilize the instruments all while keeping them safe and well-maintained. Damage to instruments can be costly, not just in terms of replacing the instruments, but also in potential damage to a patient’s teeth.

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How is Stainless Steel Used in the Dental Field?

When we think about the dental field in general, the first thing that comes to mind for many of us having our teeth cleaned. We count on the fact that the instruments that go in our mouths are clean and well-maintained. In order to ensure the instruments are protected when not in use, stainless steel dental cassettes, with instrument slots, are an essential asset.

Additionally, the dental cassettes are used before, during and after the sterilization process and so are a fundamental and important part of any dental practice. However, in order to ensure that the cassettes can do their job efficiently, they have a few fundamental needs of their own. 

Why is Stainless Steel Used in the Dental Field?

The same reasons we use stainless steel instruments in the dental field are the same reasons it’s used on dental boxes and dental cassettes. Stainless steel is:

1. Corrosion resistance- As noted, dental cassettes are used throughout the sterilization process within dental practices. That means the cassettes (and dental instruments) are exposed to high temperatures and sterilizing cleaners that other materials may not be able to withstand without degradation. 

2. Easy to sterilize- One of the reasons stainless steel is used in industries with incredibly high standards of hygiene and sanitation is that it is, especially when electropolished, remarkably easy to sterilize. This makes it ideal for medical and dental applications.

3. Durable and strong- It should be no surprise that dental boxes and dental cassettes take a beating. They’re moved around a lot, regularly put through the sterilization process. The material used for storage, cleaning, and protecting equipment needs to be durable and strong.

3 Use Cases for Wire Baskets and Racks in the Dental Field

As you can imagine, effective and thorough sterilization of dental instruments is essential to any dental office. Similarly, protecting sensitive instruments through that process, and when not in use is vital to their longevity and usefulness in practice. For that reason, investing in the right tools to protect dental tools and implements is essential.

1. Dental instrument and tool sterilization -While it’s important to have high quality dental cassettes, it’s equally important to have a high quality stainless steel basket for autoclave use during sterilization. Because different autoclaves have different dimensions and needs, and because the wire baskets need to facilitate both drainage and drying, having a basket that meets your specific needs is crucial.

2. Instrument trays- Choosing the right stainless steel tray for your dental instruments is incredibly important. Dental instruments are sensitive and require considerable care, particularly to ensure their longevity and performance. For that reason, you want to choose a tray that meets your needs whether for storage, moving, or during an examination. It may be worth considering trays with dividers and even a lid for proper storage and protection.

3. Implant parts cleaning and sterilization- Much like any surgical implant, ensuring that dental implants are sterilized prior to use is vital for the health of the patient and the success of the surgery. These items are soaked for sterilization which means they may need custom baskets, depending on the parts. Again, the drying process is crucial, but so is protecting the parts. For that reason, ensuring your basket meets both those needs is paramount.

When it comes to providing high quality stainless steel wire baskets or instrument trays for dental practices, Marlin is prepared to help your dental teams deliver smiles. Get in touch with our team today and let’s talk about your needs.
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