Stainless Steel Baskets: Your Key for Better Sanitation Control

November 12, 2020 | Custom Wire Baskets

Sanitation is a huge concern for manufacturers in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Contaminants that seep into food or a pharmaceutical product can turn into a major health hazard.

This is why many companies in these industries search for manufacturing Angle Iron Basket # 02111004equipment, from stainless steel baskets to holding trays and parts, with unique surface properties that keep bacteria and other harmful microbes from attaching to it.

It is essential to control the sanitation in the manufacturing process – and the key to doing this is using products like Marlin Steel's carefully engineered stainless steel baskets.

Let's review some sanitation control challenges and understand the three ways stainless steel baskets can help alleviate these problems. 

Challenges With Sanitation Control

The biggest challenge with sanitation control is the movement of products from one container to another between manufacturing processes. This is because of the risks associated with particles that settle on the surfaces of containers or products.

To avoid these issues, the FDA sets specific guidelines for sanitation in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The equipment used for producing consumable products should do the following:

  • Block against contaminants
  • Prevent liquids from pooling
  • Be easy to inspect
  • Be free of pits, cracks, craters, etc.
  • Be easy to sanitize or clean

This goes for the materials used to make the products as well as for the carts, trays, cabinets, and baskets used to transport the products from one process to another. 

High-quality stainless steel 316 equipment, like Marlin Steel's baskets, can help reduce the sanitation challenges you face as a manufacturer of consumable goods. 

How Stainless Steel Baskets Ensure Sterilization

Here are three ways Marlin's stainless steel baskets ensure sterilization and meet FDA standards.

They Have Non-Absorbent Qualities.

Beyond simple cleaning and sanitization practices, stainless steel baskets have non-absorbent qualities.

These non-absorbent qualities are due to anti-microbial coating that Marlin Steel uses to prevent the absorption or growth of bacteria in or on its surfaces. No matter what you put in or on the baskets, you don't have to worry about the metal absorbing any of the particles or microbes that come into contact with them.

The silver ion-based coating resists dozens of strains of bacteria. This will give you the peace of mind you need to use Marlin's stainless steel baskets over and over for years to come. 

They Can Resist High Temperatures.

Marlin's stainless steel baskets can withstand temperatures that would melt baskets made of polymer plastic. High temperatures kill off the drug-resistant bacteria or viruses that remain on surfaces after they survive chemical cleaning and heat-treat-stainless-steel-barrel-basket-gun-manufacturingsanitation methods. 

This way, you can ensure that the surfaces of your baskets are sanitized efficiently each time you use them.

They Can be Electropolished For Easy Sterilization.

Electropolishing refers to the process of using a chemical electrolyte bath and an electrical current to remove the outer layer of a piece of metal.

This process removes most of the microscopic grooves and flaws that debris can stick to during the manufacturing process, thereby creating a smoother surface and making the baskets easier to clean. 

If you want to avoid severe problems with sanitation control, then choose Marlin Steel's stainless steel basket for your manufacturing processes. Contact Marlin Steel today to ask about the custom steel basket options that fit your needs.

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