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Custom Baskets and Custom Racks are Marlin Steel Wire Products’ specialties. We design and engineer custom wire products in stainless, galvanized, and plain steel. We make thousands of custom steel baskets and racks each week.

Typically, customers submit us a part (in PDF format, by fax, or even as an actual sample) and ask us to design a basket to hold 6-20 parts for ultrasonic cleaning, parts degreasing, parts washing, curing, or heat treating. Requirements like the optimal footprint of the basket and the optimal number of parts in the basket are helpful to know. Several issues that impact our design are whether the baskets can stack, have a lid, and will be exposed to high temperature.

With these specifications, Marlin submits a quote. Upon receipt of a purchase order, Marlin generates precise AutoCAD prints that detail the front view of the basket, side view, top view, and an isometric view (as if you were standing over the basket near the corner). We can also depict your basket stacked on top of other baskets, loaded with parts, and empty of parts, for you to confirm that the design meets your requirements.

Upon print approval, we release travelers to our factory. For example, the Fixture Department makes precise aluminum fixtures, TIG welded together and marked with your part #, to hold your parts. These aluminum fixtures act as a "GO"/"NO GO" tool. Only precisely formed parts fit into the fixture. The Bending Department robots make two or three dimensional parts. The Welding Department mounts the aluminum fixtures on robots that weld the parts consistently (resistance or MIG, depending on the application). For example, our robotic MIG welder welds parts with a tolerance of +/-0.003" in the "x" plane, "y" plane, and "z" plane. The MIG welder is in effect the ultimate quality checker of your parts.

Once the parts are welded, we pack them securely, shrink wrap, and ship them raw, or we can provide a finish. Typical finishes include electropolish (for stainless), nickel plating, chrome plating, epoxy coating, urethane coating, polyester coating, polyolefin coating, powder coating, plastisol PVC coating, nylon coating, and galvanizing.

If you have any questions or would like to send a print, fax it to 410-644-7457 or contact us.

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