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Marlin Steel is a leading manufacturer of custom‐engineered products from steel wire and sheet metal. Its industrial material handling containers serve many industries including aerospace, defense, medical and automotive.

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What Working with a Precision Engineering Company Should Be Like!

Marlin Steel on October 17, 2017
When you’re working with any engineering company to get critical metal forms, precision wire components, or other custom-engineered parts, they should provide: ...

Using Stress Analysis On a Large Component Basket

Marlin Steel on October 12, 2017
One of the biggest challenges in making any large custom metal form is dealing with how stress factors can become ...

Creating Custom Wire Baskets That S&P 100 Companies Love

Marlin Steel on October 10, 2017
Marlin Steel’s workers pride themselves on creating top-quality custom wire baskets, racks, and other metal forms to meet the ...

Chinese Manufacturing Vs. American Manufacturing: The Real Cost

Marlin Steel on October 5, 2017
Many companies look for the most cost-effective solution they can to meet their needs. This only makes sense because they have to do whatever they can to ...

Marlin Steel Helps Along Completion of Tanks with Custom Metal Forms

Marlin Steel on October 3, 2017
America’s military is the lynchpin that helps keep the country safe and secure. Every day, thousands of dedicated men and women put their lives on the line in service to their country so that others don’t have to. ...

Creating Custom Wire Baskets Without Over Engineering Them

Marlin Steel on September 28, 2017
Recently, Marlin Steel was contacted by a customer who had a different sort of problem with their existing parts washing ...

Marlin Steel CEO on BBC Radio: Fighting IP Theft from China

Marlin Steel on September 26, 2017
Intellectual property (IP) is often the lifeblood of a company. Unique IPs can help manufacturers attract customers, reduce costs, and increase productivity by improving products or processes. ...

Answers to 3 Stainless Steel Coated Wire Basket Questions

Marlin Steel on September 21, 2017
Marlin Steel specializes in creating custom stainless steel wire baskets for clients in a variety of industries. Many of Marlin’s clients rely on the Marlin team’s expertise in handling the design needs of a stainless ...