How Does Marlin Steel Make a Counterbore and a Countersink?

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Drew Greenblatt on January 24, 2014

Counterbores must be done on the mill (Marlin Steel has a four axis CNC Mill - USA Made). There is no limit to the depth of a counterbore in the mill. Our tolerance on the mill is +/-0.005" and we’ll cut it as deep as the client specifies.

Countersinks can be made on the punch (CNC Punch USA Made) with a tolerance of +/-0.030" for shape and +/-0.015" for location. We can not do counterbores on the punch. Check out the attached picture doing a sheet of material (four feet by eight feet) with some counterbores.

Marlin Steel's laser can’t do either of these. Sometimes we will laser cut a part and then steel-punching1.jpgcounterbore it on the mill as a secondary operation.


Author: Drew Greenblatt
Drew Greenblatt
Drew Greenblatt bought Marlin Steel Wire Products in 1998 when it was a small maker of a commodity product. Since then, it has grown revenue seven-fold. In the face of challenges to the global economy, Marlin Steel has invested more than $3.5 million in robotics in a quest for quality and speed.

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