Creating Top-Quality Industrial Wire Products for Heavy-Duty Work

December 18, 2017 | Custom Wire Baskets, Wire Forms, American Manufacturing

Industrial wire forms can take many shapes aside from steel wire baskets.Many manufacturers across the globe need strong custom-made industrial wire products for a variety of heavy-duty tasks. From S-hook wires that hold baskets and other objects in place, to steel wire baskets for ultrasonic parts cleaning and materials handling, and to custom wire inserts that are used to divide larger containers, thethere's a great varietyof industrial wire products.

In heavy-duty work, where the wire form will be subjected to intense impacts, temperatures, chemicals, and other stress factors, it is vital that the wire form is a top-quality design that can take the stress of whatever industrial application it’s being used for without breaking, corroding, or bending.

How Marlin Designs Top-Quality Industrial Wire Products

For any wire product order, the Marlin Steel team starts by sending the client a questionnaire regarding the nature of the process the wire product will be used in—including (but not limited to):

  • What chemicals are involved (and their concentrations);
  • Temperatures involved;
  • Typical and maximum load weight; and
  • Dimensions of any processing equipment and parts.

Having this information is crucial for making a top-quality industrial wire product for any application. This is because, even in similar processes, there may be some differences that make a given wire form process work better than others.

For example, say that there were two manufacturers using an ultrasonic parts washing process. One manufacturer is only using a very mild solvent—one that is only one or two pH steps from water in strength. The other is using a stronger, more acidic surfactant to help dissolve surface contaminants. A basket made of grade 304 stainless steel would work fine for the first process, but the second might be too much for this alloy. So, the more corrosion-resistant grade 316 stainless steel would be used for the wire form in the second process.

To make sure that the design and the materials for the wire form will withstand the client’s end use, Marlin’s engineering team uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to virtually test the design against the client’s specified application parameters. The FEA breaks the design into thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of finite elements and measures the effects of different stress factors on every last square centimeter of the wire form.

Any flaws that are identified that can result in a deviation are noted and reported to the design team. From there, they modify the design to overcome the flaw as needed.

Making Manufacturing Faster and More Consistent

After the design is finalized—meaning it can pass the FEA without deviations occurring—it is then passed on to the production team for manufacturing.

The production team has a quick meeting to review the design and the individual parts and elements. Then, they decide on what the best manufacturing process for each part of the industrial wire product would be. This includes the order of the manufacturing process, as well as choosing which machines will be used to bend each wire and make any necessary welds.

Once the details have been agreed on, various experts on the production team program the necessary parameters into a series of manufacturing robots. These robots then rapidly produce the parts and weld the wires. Because these machines don’t get bored or tired, they can make components for a wire form with incredible consistency and speed that surpasses what can be achieved with manual labor alone.

This means that parts are not only made quickly, but with fewer rejections—which helps save time and money.

In some cases, the Marlin Steel team can take a custom industrial wire product order from initial request to delivering a final product in under two weeks.

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