Marlin Steel's Hand Sanitizer: A Reliable Replacement for Purell ES8

September 24, 2020 | Medical/Pharmaceutical


As schools, restaurants, and businesses must continue life through the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer has been the backbone for everyday infectious disease control. The demand for hand sanitizers has increased 16x from December 2019 to Spring 2020 and the need doesn’t look like it will slow anytime soon. The result? Widespread hand sanitizer and infectious disease control equipment shortages. 

What can you do when faced with shortages when you need to keep your facility safe as the economy rebuilds and opens up? Turn to Marlin Steel. By sourcing from an American manufacturing company, you can receive reliable hand sanitizer and sanitizer dispensers much quicker than brand names who source overseas. Besides, you shouldn't have to worry about sourcing hand sanitizer for your staff while you’re trying to return to work. Rely on Marlin Steel’s products for infectious disease control to protect your business!

Current Supply Challenges Facing Purell ES8 

As the demand for hand sanitizer has reached “biblical proportions,” the shortages have also affected product supply, especially name brands. In fact, shortages actually could get worse for consumers who want products from popular brands. The Clorox CEO reported the name-brand company may not be able to restock their hand sanitizer products until 2021, and it may take a full year for the company to reach the supply levels they should be at. 

Purell is facing the same supply challenges. Early on in the pandemic, consumers were unable to find Purell products, such as Purell ES8 hand sanitizer, that had essentially flown off the shelves. And, it looks like it’s staying that way for awhile. As Purell continues to try and keep up with the near impossible demand, the hand sanitizer giant has stated that their first priority has been sourcing to hospitals and first responders before consumers. This means Purell ES8 will be likely unavailable for schools, restaurants, and businesses for months. 

One of the major problems in the hand sanitizer shortage has been the disruptions to international supply chains due to COVID-19. Many of these familiar brands outsource their products from China, but when Chinese factories shut down, there was a domino effect with global supply chains and American companies weren't able to receive the items they needed.  

It’s not only the hand sanitizer itself that is outsourced, but also the bottles and pumps hand sanitizer is placed in. Most of the world’s hand sanitizer containers and pumps are sourced from China. So, there was not just a shortage of hand sanitizer when the pandemic hit, but also a major shortage of pumps and other components needed to distribute infectious disease control products. 

Why You Can Trust Marlin Steel

By sourcing from an American manufacturing company, such as Marlin Steel, you can minimize many of the supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19. American infectious disease products are guaranteed quicker delivery times and quality you can rely on over foreign products. Check out why Marlin Steel products are the highest quality on the market. 

Made In America

When you buy a product made in the United States, you’re not just buying a quality marlin-steel-hand-sanitizer-liquidproduct  - you’re also supporting the American economy. Choosing a domestic hand sanitizer stand not only guarantees a fast driver and quality, but it also encourages both the growth of the  American manufacturing industry and of American jobs. 

Additionally, supporting the American economy has been more important than ever due to the economic crisis the country has endured as a result of the COVID-19 virus. You can do your part by choosing American-made hand sanitizer products and other infectious disease control equipment. 

Quick Delivery Times

Outsourcing products overseas may appear to be a cheaper alternative, but it’s not the most efficient or reliable one. Sourcing equipment from nations, such as China, includes a slow assembly process, long shipping waits, and then customs processing. If you order hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer stands from overseas, you should expect to wait weeks - if not longer - to receive them. In today’s current crisis, your facility needs infectious disease control solutions now - you can’t wait to reopen in weeks when the foreign products finally get here!

The COVID-19 crisis has further complicated global supply chain efficiency by delaying shipments due to shortages or safety precautions. So, it may take even longer than usual to receive your shipments. 

When you buy from Marlin Steel, there is no need to wait for long delivery times. Purchasing from American companies bypasses the need to wait for a freighter bound for the United States to carry your shipments and tedious customs processing. Instead, you can expect an immediate delivery after you place your order with Marin Steel. In fact, some of Marlin’s products can even be shipped same-day as the order, so you can receive your hand sanitizer stands and dispensers as soon as possible. 

Reliability You Can Trust 

When you are looking for hand sanitizer stands and dispensers to keep your facility hand-sanitizer-dispenserand staff safe, you want to be able to trust them to  deliver consistent and reliable results. Choosing products made in the United States provides you with the reliability you can’t receive from cheap, foreign products. Each of Marlin Steel’s infectious disease control products - from the 

universal hand sanitizer stands to the no-touch dispensers- are manufactured with the most precise standards in the United States.

Sanitizer stands are built from only the highest-quality American-made stainless steel, a durable material that can be used time and time again without risk of denting and scratching. You can trust  Marlin’s hand sanitizers are built to last so they can be relied on to keep your business and employees safe for years to come. 

Choose Marlin Steel Hand Sanitizer For Reliability and Quality You Can Trust

When you need hand sanitizer and products to distribute the hygienic solution, you can’t wait weeks. Your employees and facility needs it now so your business can get back to work without worrying about their safety. By trusting Marlin Steel to deliver consistent and reliable results, your facilities can be kept safe from COVID-19 transmission throughout the rest of the pandemic. 

Marlin Steel's manufacturing team has years of experience in crafting custom designs for  infectious disease control and offers a variety of hand sanitizer solutions for your business. Contact an expert today for more information on how Marlin Steel’s infectious disease control solutions can help keep your employees safe - through any hand sanitizer shortage!