Marlin Steel Featured on Modern Metals for a Massive Upgrade

September 16, 2014 | Steel Wire Products, Robotic Manufacturing, Welding

Modern MarvelsNot very long ago, Marlin Steel procured a brand new, top of the line medium frequency direct current (MFDC) welding system from Ideal Welding Systems.

What makes this new welding system noteworthy is not just its uniqueness (it is one of only five of its kind in the world), but its superior performance when compared to traditional automated welders. Because of its extraordinarily precise timing mechanism and programming, a medium frequency direct current robotic welder can complete welds in 1/30th the time they would take using a standard welding machine. This translates into fewer weld blisters and other deformities that would weaken otherwise perfect welds.

On top of that, this new welder can move its welding head in three dimensions, not just along a flat plane like most automated welders. The welding head can even rotate up to 359 degrees in a circle (most welders can barely manage 90 degree angles). This allows it to follow complicated, irregular shapes in objects as it is welding without needing manual assistance.

As Featured on Modern Metals

Modern Metals, a major publication that focuses on metal fabricators, service centers, OEMs and end users, covered the addition of Marlin’s newest robotic welding machine in an article on their website.

In the article, Modern Metals focused not only on the unique capabilities of Marlin Steel’s new welding system, but on what it meant for Marlin Steel as a company, including:

  1. Increased Productivity. Since the medium frequency direct current welder can complete three-dimensional welds on its own without the need for an operator to manually reposition the object being welded, a significant amount of time is saved in welding complex objects. Less time spent on individual parts means that more parts can be completed per hour, increasing overall productivity.
  2. More Jobs. To keep up with the increased number of units that can be welded per hour thanks to Marlin’s newest welding machine, and to make sure that it can operate at peak efficiency, Marlin Steel added two new operators just for this remarkable new robotic welder. These new operators, both of whom are from Magna Baltimore Technical Training Center, were hired for their existing skills. However, like Marlin’s other employees, they will have the opportunity to add to their skills using Marlin’s job matrix and training incentive programs for future job versatility.
  3. Increased Weld Strength. Shorter weld times and less manual handling makes for stronger weld integrity. Slower welds leave more blisters, and manually positioning parts can lead to greater variation in the alignment of complicated parts (which makes complicated parts less consistent in shape, leading to misalignments and other problems). Because this new welder from Ideal completes welds in a fraction of the time that a typical welder would, and can make welds without manual assistance, the final product will have much fewer deformities to compromise the structural integrity of the weld.

This new welder is helping to increase Marlin Steel’s production capacity, adding jobs, and making it easier than ever to provide Quality, Engineered Quick®.

You can read the full article from Modern Metals on their website.

Marlin Steel Ideal Welding Machine