Need to Stack with Existing Wire Baskets? Marlin’s Got You Covered

June 17, 2016 | Custom Wire Baskets, Wire Forms, Steel Wire Products

Here, we see this basket holding a large, thick set of flat metal plates.For many of Marlin’s customers, the baskets that they already have work just fine. However, for one reason or another, they cannot reorder more of the same from their previous manufacturer.

The issue here is that when the time comes to order new baskets, the design of the new basket often conflicts with the old so that features such as stacking don’t work. This can be a problem, since stacking is often the best way to minimize the impact of wire baskets on factory floor space.

Over the years, Marlin’s manufacturing team have designed numerous baskets for stacking with a customer’s existing basket designs. One example is basket #02230001, which was designed by Richard Bates of the design team.

5 Neat Things About This Basket

1: Stacking with the Existing Design

First, and foremost, this basket was built to be able to stack under an existing vendor’s basket without affecting the parts held by either. To achieve this, Marlin’s engineers added small wire supports near the handles that would support the frame of the other basket and keep it securely elevated.

This allowed Marlin’s baskets to safely stack under the existing design.

Here, the basket is holding a larger number of smaller, thinner metal plates.2: Useful for Two Sets of Parts

This basket design was done in such a way as to allow it to securely hold two different kinds of parts used by the client. In the Marlin basket, several sets of cut sheet metal were incorporated into the inside of the frame.

These cut sheet metal pieces were fashioned into broad, regularly-spaced teeth custom-shaped to securely hold one set of parts or the other. One pair of sheet metal teeth went along the length of the basket, the other went along the basket’s width.  

3: Weld Symbols

The basket’s design proof had callouts for exactly where each weld in the basket’s design would be. Not only did this let the client know that their basket was securely welded together, it would allow for easy recreation of the basket in the future should the client order more.

4: Robust Design

Before a single ounce of stainless steel wire was committed to the manufacture of a basket, the design was thoroughly and rigorously checked for flaws using physics simulation software. Using Autodesk virtual simulation software, the design was checked for durability under the heaviest possible loads in the client’s production process.

If the design failed the virtual testing, then the cause of the failure would show up in a report and the design team would rework the design to take care of the flaw. The result was a durable design that would survive the client’s toughest production processes.

5: Nesting When Not in Use

The wire supports that allow the baskets to hold another basket on top are designed to be movable. This allows the support wires to be moved out of the way so that the baskets can nest, helping save floor space when they’re not in use.

These features all combine to help create a versatile basket that helps keep production on time by being easy to use and protecting held parts from harm.

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