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7 Benefits of Electropolishing for Pharma & Food Manufacturing Baskets

Pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies have to meet stringent sanitizing standards when it comes to parts and tools

Choosing a Steel Coating for Wire Baskets: Halar® vs Teflon™ vs Plastisol

Specialized polymer

How a Coated Wire Basket Can Protect Your Custom Parts

Looking for ways to save money shouldn’t involve shortcuts. That usually just cuts the initial cost but ends up being far more expensive in the long run. Often, companies searching for custom wire basket solutions for highly specific solutions will

7 Need-to-Know Polypropylene Material Properties

Custom wire baskets are frequently outfitted with different polymers to improve the basket’s structural durability or to better hold and protect delicate parts. Finding the

What You Need to Know about Food Grade Coatings for Metal

Sanitation is an enormous concern in the food industry. Every year, cases of food poisoning and food-borne illness make headlines and cause near-irreparable harm to the companies linked to such incidents.

What Should You Do When Halar Coatings Fail?

Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene, also known as ECTFE or Halar, is a polymer material patented by Solvay Solexis (a Belgian chemical company). It’s a well-regarded coating for manufacturing baskets because of its excellent chemical resistance and

4 Reasons to Use Polypropylene Coating on Wire Baskets

There are many different polymers that can be applied to a custom wire basket to improve its resilience or ability to hold delicate parts. However, because there are so many types of coatings for baskets, it can often be difficult to find the right

Why Use Halar for a Custom Coated Wire Basket?

Marlin Steel manufactures custom wire forms that use polymer coatings to enhance their resistance to specific chemicals, or to