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5 Steps to Follow for Optimal Medical Parts Cleaning

In the medical equipment manufacturing and healthcare provider industries, sanitation is an

4 Stainless Steel Properties You Should Know

Marlin Steel often uses different alloys of stainless steel for its custom wire baskets and sheet metal forms. The

How Custom Wire Baskets Can Improve Food Processing Product Flow

In the food product manufacturing industry, product flow is crucial. Not only does an inefficient

Marlin’s Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Hooks Featured in WFTI

Wire Forming Technology International (WFTI), publishes a quarterly magazine that covers major stories and events concerning “Manufacturers of Springs, Wire

Replacing Inferior Plastic Baskets with Custom Stainless Steel Baskets

In some of the articles on this blog, there have been comparisons of plastic baskets to stainless steel

Making Custom Steel Wire Baskets for Impregnation Equipment

In industrial applications, the process of impregnation is the sealing of a porous surface so that other materials cannot penetrate that surface. It is often used in the creation of hydraulic parts that need a pressure

Why Spend More for Made in the USA Retail Display Wire Baskets?

A long time ago, Marlin Steel’s bread-and-butter business was the manufacture of commodity retail display wire baskets for bagel shop

Benefits of Stainless Steel Baskets for Medical Parts Washing + Use Cases

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry have to meet stringent standards for part sanitation. Whether they’re dealing with surgical tools, medication containers, or hypodermic needles, those materials