Reduce Damage During Parts Washing with Custom Wire Baskets

March 9, 2021 | Custom Wire Baskets

Simply put, the concept of custom means a product is designed to meet the precise and exact needs or your business. In the manufacturing industry, parts and their maintenance can be complicated. Often manufacturing processes and the post-production functionality relies on precision and reliability. It’s why custom stainless steel wire baskets are so important and why the Marlin Steel team puts so much time, effort, and thought into our custom design process.

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How a Custom Wire Basket Can Reduce Parts Damage

Stainless steel wire baskets have a variety of uses in the manufacturing sector. Whether it’s parts washing or movement through the facility, storage, or more, stainless steel wire baskets need to secure, protect, and ensure the integrity of precision parts.

In fact, post-production, damage to the surface of a part may result in rejection or worse. Damaged parts can damage other parts, machinery, and cause larger equipment failures. While many assume parts damage occurs during production or use, the truth is it can happen at any time and so working to ensure that all parts of the manufacturing process maintain part integrity is crucial. This includes the parts washing process.

During the parts washing process, damage can be the result of a poorly-designed basket, such as one that is mass produced and doesn’t consider the key needs of your component or process. Whether it’s sharp edges, the risk of parts moving or being thrown from the basket, parts hitting the sides of the basket or other parts, any number of seemingly innocent design elements can cause lasting damage and lead to considerable delays and costs.

Marlin’s custom steel wire baskets reduce damage to parts by taking into account the demands of your parts and processes in every step of their design. Marlin’s engineers tweak the design elements used in a basket design to minimize the risk of the basket damaging parts during washing, transport, or finishing process.

Important Features to Consider for a Custom Parts Washing Basket

Marlin Steel is no stranger to the custom stainless steel wire basket game and over time has honed its design process to include a full analysis of your needs to ensure the product we deliver provides exactly what’s needed. For that reason, the first part of our process involves an in depth questionnaire that looks at each step the basket will take when handling your parts. This questionnaire enables us to look at some of the more important features we’ll need to consider when manufacturing your custom stainless steel wire basket.

1. Dimensions

Getting the precise measurements is key, but ensuring that our team has the measurements of each part or machine your wire basket will interact with is vital. While the machine used to wash parts may be one size, you may want to also use a rolling cart to transport, or need the custom wire basket to be utilized in other processes. Therefore, getting all the specific dimensions is paramount.

2. Part Size

Understanding the size, weight, and shape of the parts the custom wire basket enables us to best understand important elements of the basket design.

3. Interactions

One of the most important sections of the questionnaire deals with the machinery, robotics, belts, or other moving parts the custom wire basket may interact with. Further, we look at the dimensions of all of these elements to ensure that the basket can move seamlessly between all of these parts of the process without any issues that may slow down production, increase labor, damage the parts or any machinery, or create undue stress on the stainless steel wire basket itself.

4. Extra Features

In understanding how the basket is used, your team may want additional features to assist in carrying or moving the basket, improving worker access etc. These features may include: handles, lids, stacking/nesting abilities, and more.

5. Exposure

To know which grade of steel, what kind of coatings (if any) are needed, the Marlin team needs to know what each of our custom stainless steel wire baskets will be exposed to. While this, in part, includes the interactions with machines, robotics, and other parts, it also includes environmental, chemical, and temperature exposures.

6. Layout

For small parts in particular, layout is important. If, during the washing process, parts may move and jeopardize the integrity, understanding layout needs, to hold parts in place and prevent movement, is crucial. This may include very specific rows, segmentation, lids, and more.

For example, a recent customer needed custom stainless steel wire baskets, with variable inner and outer dimensions, for the washing process. The goal was to reduce metal on metal damage as well as facilitate the loading and unloading process to speed up cleaning operations.

The baskets, which needed both handles and stacking capabilities as well as a coating  able to withstand 200 degrees drying temperature (140 washing) and a chemical solution. Because of our detailed process from discovery and design to production, we were able to deliver to the exact specifications of our client.

Order Custom Wire Baskets from Marlin Steel

Your business is important to you, from the smallest moving part to the largest. That’s the same kind of care and pride Marlin Steel has in both its products and processes, particularly the custom stainless steel wire basket design process that ensures our products meet your needs.

From the initial design, to the rigorous pre-production FEA testing that mimics years of use and identifies structural issues before production to the careful production and manufacturing of your basket, Marlin Steel provides works with you and your product from start to finish.

If you’ve got custom needs, we’ve got the solution. Get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can help you ensure the integrity of your parts, streamline your processes, and provide product longevity to save you time and money.