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See how Marlin Steel has helped other companies meet their production needs with specially-customized steel wire baskets and sheet metal containers. Each client has unique needs as a result of their production process and environments, and Marlin has years of experience in customizing metal forms to meet these needs.

Each of Marlin’s custom products is rigorously tested using virtual physics simulation software to verify that they will meet the end user’s needs while saving time on tooling and testing for physical prototypes.

Heavy-Duty Parts Washing Baskets Designed for Forklifts

Marlin Steel on January 19, 2017
There’s more than one way to move a heavy load. Marlin Steel’s engineers have been asked to create baskets that are compatible with a number ...

A Fast Solution for Turbine Blade Manufacturing: A Marlin Case Study

Marlin Steel on February 5, 2016

Marlin Steel and Caterpillar: Remanufacturing Parts in America

Marlin Steel on January 12, 2016
You’re probably already familiar with the Caterpillar brand name. For decades, this company has been a household name, even among people who have never worked in construction, road maintenance, or other industries that ...

Cutting Factory Costs and Facilitating a PPAP with Custom Baskets

Marlin Steel on December 10, 2015
Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies (FST) is a major manufacturer of ...

INC Column "8 Leadership Attributes That Make Employees Go the Extra Mile"

Drew Greenblatt on February 12, 2014
What is the difference between a leader that yells to motivate his troops vs the modern effective ...

Can a Wire Hook or Wire Form Withstand 1000 Degrees Fahrenheit?

Drew Greenblatt on January 24, 2014
Recently, a mid west manufacturer reached out to Marlin Steel to make some ...

How Marlin Steel Helps a Large Industrial Parts Wash Operation

Andy Ratner on October 24, 2013

Case Study: Pin Baskets for Ultrasonic Cleaning

Andy Ratner on October 4, 2013
A large European engineering company in materials technology, mining and construction purchased an ...

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