How the Right Wire Forming Products Increase Safety in Your Facility

September 9, 2020 | Wire Forms

The right wire forming products make a difference in all areas of safety and productivity. High-quality materials result in less risk of employee injury, greater efficiency, and decreased costs from damaged equipment and parts.

When choosing a wire forming manufacturer, you want one you can trust to deliver consistent and reliable results. Marlin Steel has been the trusted manufacturer of stainless steel wire forms for products ranging from medical equipment to food processing. Marlin’s Wire_Basketengineering team can custom design wire forming products from a variety of materials to meet your exact performance requirements. So, are you interested in only the best wire forming products to decrease costs, increase efficacy, and improve employee safety? Then read on to learn why having the right wire forming products matters. 

Why Having the Right Wire Forming Products Matter 

The right wire forming products can have a major impact on the safety and effectiveness of your equipment:

Increase Efficiency 

When wire forming products are designed the right way, they can provide your facilities and employees with the right tools to complete operations quickly and more effectively than ever before. 

For example, Marlin Steel designed IV poles with additional features to facilitate easier operations for medical staff. Since IV poles, and similar medical equipment, are supposed to complement and support healthcare professionals during their operations, Marlin’s engineers designed the IV poles with heavy-duty sheet metal base with high-quality castors for easy transportation between operations so healthcare workers can quickly wheel IV poles to where they’re needed most as quickly as possible. 

Decrease Downtime and Costs

Marlin Steel’s wire forming products decrease costs in two different ways: in terms of "reshoring" and due to quality.

Marlin Steel is a major supporter of “reshoring,” the practice of moving manufacturing jobs from foreign companies operating overseas back to American shores. Although outsourcing manufacturing to overseas companies that used cheap manual labor appears inexpensive, the total cost of ownership (TCO) when you factor in parts rejection rates, shipping delays, and intellectual property (IP) risks (among other hidden costs) ends up contributing o a higher price tag than it is for domestically produced wire forms. Since Marlin Steel is an American steel company and uses only 100% American-made steel, products can be designed, manufactured, and shipped within days instead of weeks like with foreign competitors.

Additionally, high quality wire forms are built to last years of repeated use. When cheap parts Rams_Hornbreak, they increase costs due to downtime, damaged goods, and the equipment replacement. For instance, Marlin Steel had a customer who had previously ordered IV pole ram horns from a Chinese manufacturer. However, the Chinese product shipped late, causing hospitals to not have the IV poles on hand when they desperately needed them with the influx of new patients.In addition, the quality was less than ideal for the demand needed of the IV poles. When they turned to Marlin Steel, the customer was able to receive the high-quality wire forms within days.  

Improve Employee Safety 

Wire forming products must be built with reliable integrity. If products are faulty and break, they can damage surrounding equipment or possibly injure employees. High-quality manufacturing can greatly minimize the risk of employee injury by ensuring products can withstand repeated stresses with compromise to its structural integrity. 

Marlin Steel prides itself on providing “Quality, Engineered Quick®” by using a combination of highly-trained employees and advanced factory automation. This automated equipment can produce welds and wire crimping results far more regularly and predictable than what could be achieved manually.

Automated machines, such as the Ultimat UMW-100, can both wire form and weld, allowing forWelding_Robotics Marlin Steel to quickly assemble custom wire forms straight from the coil—saving on extra processes and handling that would be required for doing the wire bending and welding separately. So, Marlin Steel can not only produce wire forming products at fast speeds so the customer can receive them within days - or even hours of the order - but with the utmost precision. Since robots don’t ever get bored or exhausted, they can produce wire forms with incredible consistency and speed. The result? Minimal parts rejections from manufacturing mistakes and efficient production speeds. 

Marlin Steel doesn’t rely on advanced factory automation alone to deliver high-quality custom wire forms. Our production and engineering teams have years of experience in manufacturing and computer programs that simulate the effects of specific stress factors on designs so as to catch any design flaws so they can be fixed prior to beginning manufacturing.

Marlin Steel Can Meet All Your Wire Forming Needs

Whatever your specific needs are, Marlin Steel can custom produce stainless steel wire forming products that fit your exact requirements. These can include everything ranging from  custom S hooks, swaged pierced wire forms, and eye hooks, for example, and can be manufactured from a variety of material options.  

For the most consistent and reliable results, it’s time to source your wire forming products from Marlin Steel. So, are you ready for custom wire forming products that can increase your manufacturing facility safety and overall performance efficiency? Contact Marlin for a custom wire form quote today.

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