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Steel Wire S Hooks
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Steel Wire S Hooks
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Steel Wire S Hooks
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3" Steel Wire S Hooks
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Steel Wire 7.5" S Hooks
Wire Hook 1007001

Marlin Steel Wire Products specializes in many types of custom hooks including S Hooks and C Hooks. Marlin engineers and designs custom S Hooks in stainless, galvanized, or plain steel according to customer specifications.

Item S Hooks #206001

Marlin Steel Wire has been making hooks for more than 35 years for commercial and industrial applications. In fact, hooks are our "sweet spot," as we have three dedicated hook-making robots which run 24 hours per day in our Baltimore factory.

We start by designing in-house the hooks to the customers specifications, in two or three dimensions, in wire diameters from 0.06" to 0.625". After customer approval of our CAD drawings, we can make the hooks in plain, galvanized, or stainless steel. We can also coat the hooks with powder coat, urethane, polyester, polyolefin, plastic coat, kynar, halar, nylon or teflon.

Shipping of the completed hooks can be as fast as next day after design approval for new designs and faster for existing designs, depending on the quantity. We have many existing designs for you to choose from, so fax (410-644-7457) a sketch/drawing of what you need or contact us. It can be a photocopy of what you have already! If we have already made it, or something close to it, we will suggest you consider the existing design, to shorten the shipping time.

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