COVID-19 Testing and Relief Applications for Stainless Steel Trays

June 30, 2020 | Medical/Pharmaceutical

Medical grade stainless steel test tube racksStainless steel medical instrument trays are essential to medical applications, whether as a sterile instrument tray or ensuring a parts finishing process. This remains true as ever as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. As scientists busy themselves with COVID-19 testing and healthcare workers continue to treat patients and save lives, they need durable and reliable medical equipment they can depend on. 

In response to this need, Marlin Steel has been manufacturing wire forms for pharmaceutical and medical applications to aid with infectious disease control, along with their durable medical steel trays and sheet metal baskets. Here’s a quick explanation of why stainless steel is a reliable option for COVID-19 testing and medical applications that healthcare workers can depend on. 

What Are Stainless Steel Trays?

The right medical tray can offer a plethora of benefits, such as ensuring a more thorough parts cleaning process, easier sanitation, improving efficiency during operations, and minimizing damage to delicate medical instruments. Marlin Steel offers custom made stainless steel medical trays that can fulfill these requirements and more. Besides enhancing the sterilization process, Marlin Steel’s medical trays can be designed to be moved efficiently between processes, whether by hand or by conveyor belt, and can be electropolished to ensure sterility.

Electropolishing is a process that strips the top layer of material from a metal form. The end result is a microscopically-smooth surface that leaves bacteria and other microbiological agents unable to stick to the metal form’s surface. This allows electropolished stainless steel to be incredibly easy to thoroughly sterilize—making it ideal for medical applications.

Since stainless steel trays can be used for a wide variety of medical applications and range in size and dimensions, there is no “one size fits all” requirement for Malin Steel’s trays. Each stainless steel tray can be customized to fit the unique specifications of your needs. 

Why Stainless Steel is The Best Option for Medical Uses

Products used for the medical and pharmaceutical industries must be resilient enough to stay true to their form despite harsh chemicals and frequent wear and tear. Stainless steel is able to offer numerous benefits over alternatives such as plastic due to its unique properties which make an ideal option for the harsh environment of the medical field.

Stainless steel is highly corrosion-resistant, allowing it to be frequently used with corrosive chemicals, such as blood, salt, and cleaning agents, without damage to its structural integrity. When compared to a polymer medical tray, stainless steel is better at handling damage from drops, resisting scratches, and takes high temperatures far better. In fact, even the softest of stainless steel alloys tend to be many times stronger than even the strongest plastics.  

Additionally, the naturally sterile nature of stainless steel and the sterility of electropolishing, make this high-quality metal an ideal option for medical applications. While some plastic may absorb some contaminants, steel is non-absorbent so there is no risk of spreading bacteria or toxins. 

How Can Stainless Steel Trays and Wire Forms be Used for COVID-19 Testing and Relief?

Due to its unique properties, stainless steel is an ideal material for trays and wire forms used for COVID-19 testing and other applications in infectious disease control. Marlin Steel’s engineers have developed medical grade stainless steel test tube racks for viral COVID-19 testing. This laboratory equipment holds multiple test tubes upright at the same time. Not only do these racks provide protective storage for tubes used in COVID-19 testing, but they improve the ability to transport the tubes, making it safer for the scientists using them. Unlike aluminum, plastic, or wood racks, stainless steel racks have unmatched durability that can resist corrosion from bodily fluids and chemicals, maintain a sterile surface, and can hold test tubes during autoclave sterilization processes without risk of damage. 

Customized stainless steel wire trays can also be designed to hold autoclave pouches through the sterilization process. The high durability and increased temperature resistance of stainless steel makes these trays ideal for the faster autoclave processes that require higher temperatures. For proper sterilization, autoclave processes must reach and maintain temperatures of 250°F. While most polymers can only withstand temperatures of around 165°F, stainless steel can be repeatedly exposed and hold its shape. 

Likewise, stainless steel medical trays can also be used to hold surgical instruments and tools during procedures since their electropolished surface is easy to sterilize and can resist oxidation from exposure to blood and other bodily fluids.

The engineering team at Marlin Steel has had years of experience in manufacturing sterile stainless steel medical trays for a variety of applications in hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and medical research groups. As the demand continues for COVID-19 testing and medical equipment, Marlin Steel can be trusted to provide the products that can reliably assist healthcare workers. Whether you’re interested in our medical steel racks, our medical grade stainless steel test tube racks, or other equipment to help manage infectious disease control, Marlin Steel has the expertise to create the best solution for your needs. Reach out to the Marlin Steel team today to get started.