What You Should Know About Metal Baskets & Racks for Gun Manufacturing

July 14, 2020 | Gun Manufacturing

different-uses-for-stainless-steel-expanded-metal-basketsPrecision cannot be emphasized more in the gun manufacturing industry. Any flaws in the production of any gun component can negatively impact the integrity of the weapon. With this in mind, it’s important for firearms manufacturers to maximize their product quality to prevent flaws.

Many gun manufacturers have seen a surge in demand since the COVID-19 pandemic. Data from the FBI reports that background checks required for firearm sales between March and April 2020 have increased by over 1.5 million from the previous year. 

To keep up with this demand, gun manufacturing companies must ensure efficient and productive operations that reduce scrap while still maintaining product quality. Marlin Steel’s metal racks and baskets can streamline this process and are specifically engineered for gun manufacturing applications.

The Role of Metal Baskets and Racks in the Gun Manufacturing Process

Custom wire baskets can be an enormous help to firearms manufacturers. Custom metal baskets can help keep gun components safe during the manufacturing process in multiple ways, including:

Holding Parts During Production

Some parts have delicate outer surfaces and tougher interiors, or vice versa. Additionally, some processes work better when parts are held tightly, and others may work better if parts have some wriggle room. Whichever situation is better for the component, Marlin Steel has baskets suitable for each application. Baskets can be customized to have parts locked in place, held semi-loosely on tines, or placed in an open compartment .

Withstand Processing Conditions

Though gun manufacturing conditions can include harsh parts washing and heat treatments,  stainless steel baskets can repeatedly withstand high temperature and heat. When designing a custom basket, it’s important to know the operating temperature and the chemicals used in the process so it can be sturdy enough to survive years of use.

Customized For Unique Dimensions 

A custom metal basket and rack is designed for the unique dimensions of the parts and the finishing equipment it will be put through so it can operate as effectively as possible. 

Moving Parts Efficiently

How gun components will be moved during processes will affect the design of the metal basket. Will parts be carried by hand, conveyor belt, or hoist? Custom baskets can be outfitted with extra parts to make it able to be moved by hand or for conveyor belts so as to increase ease of handling and production speed.

Types of Metal Baskets and Racks Used in Gun Manufacturing

Choosing the right type of metal basket or rack depends on its purpose. Marlin Steel offers a wide variety of metal form products to facilitate efficient production flow and reduce scrap during your gun manufacturing. And if there’s no basket for your unique application needs? Marlin Steel’s engineers can design a custom metal basket specifically for your manufacturing operations.  

Heat Treat Stainless Steel Barrel Basket

heat-treat-stainless-steel-barrel-basket-gun-manufacturingA similar basket as the above named product, this option is heat treated to provide extra structural integrity during high temperatures. This heavy-duty basket is versatile enough for repeated exposure to extreme heat and can sustain heavy impact and weight. 

Stainless Steel Barrel Rack

stainless-steel-barrel-rack-gun-manufacturingKeep organized throughout the manufacturing process with this stainless steel rack specially designed for keeping gun barrels in place. 

Stainless Steel Barrel Basket

stainless-steel-barrel-basket-gun-manufacturingWith this basket, gun barrels can be held securing throughout the entire gun manufacturing process and reduce parts scratching. 

Stainless Steel Small Parts Circular Mesh Basket

stainless-steel-small-parts-circular-mesh-basket-gun-manufacturingThis Marlin Steel basket contains fine mesh to prevent small, delicate parts from escaping during parts washing or processing. You can remain confident that small components will remain safely inside the basket throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

Plain Steel Gun Barrel Basket

plain-steel-gun-barrel-basket-gun-manufacturingThis plain steel basket can hold up to 30 pounds of gun parts and has a PVC coating to minimize parts scratching. With space for seven barrel holders, this basket is a durable addition for gun manufacturing. 

Hardware Baskets

00-00363231-31-02-03Marlin’s hardware baskets are specially designed for washing small parts in kits so nothing is lost during the cleaning process. Hardware baskets to clean small fasteners are offered in various sizes featuring with or without pockets. 

Stainless Steel Carts

stainless-steel-carts-gun-manufacturingThese carts can create a smooth work flow between operations by their ability to be wheeled through facilities. Carts also feature a detachable caster system so both the cart and baskets can be dipped simultaneously, reducing material handling and increasing efficiency. 

How Gun Manufacturing Companies Can Choose the Right Metal Baskets and Racks for Their Needs

With these metal baskets and racks specially engineered for improving gun manufacturing processes, manufacturers can keep up with the rising demand of their products. Marlin Steel’s high quality metal baskets and racks showcase the design choices and quality engineering that went into any basket suited for gun manufacturing applications.

If there is no basket available for your needs, the engineers at Marlin Steel can custom design a steel product just for you. By carefully considering the application, designing the perfect wire basket or rack for precise gun manufacturing is simple for an experienced manufacturing engineer.

Learn how Marlin Steel can create the ideal metal basket and racks for your gun manufacturing needs today!

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