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Creating Custom Parts Washing Baskets for the Automotive Industry

Marlin Steel on January 11, 2018
Custom parts washing baskets for automotive applications can help vehicle manufacturers improve their ability to meet ...

What is the Melting Point of Stainless Steel?

Marlin Steel on October 19, 2017
Steel is well-known for its incredible durability against various stress factors. The impact tolerance, tensile strength, and heat resistance of steel far outclasses that of plastic polymers. ...

Chinese Manufacturing Vs. American Manufacturing: The Real Cost

Marlin Steel on October 5, 2017
Many companies look for the most cost-effective solution they can to meet their needs. This only makes sense because they have to do whatever they can to ...

4 Kinds of Wire Basket Stress Tests Marlin Steel Does with Autodesk

Marlin Steel on August 3, 2017
Physics simulation software programs, such as Autodesk, can be ...

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