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Manufacturing automation tools have helped to make the Marlin Steel team incredibly productive and efficient. Robotic manufacturing tools such as automated welders, wire bending robots, and CNC press brakes help improve manufacturing speed and consistency.

Additionally, using robotic manufacturing tools helps to make Marlin’s factory floor safer by having robots handle the dangerous manual labor tasks that could cause injury to human workers. In fact, Marlin has gone several consecutive years without a time-lost safety incident!

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Marlin Wire Baskets

Marlin Steel on September 1, 2016
Everyone here at Marlin Steel takes enormous pride in the speed and quality at which they can produce custom steel wire baskets for a ...

Empowering Manufacturing with Custom Sheet Metal Forms

Marlin Steel on June 27, 2016
There are more uses for custom wire and sheet metal forms than parts washing and materials handling. While most of the orders Marlin gets are for stainless steel baskets, every now and again the manufacturing team is ...

Why American Maufacturing Wins: Our Custom Sheet Metal Brackets Remain Perfect

Marlin Steel on March 7, 2016
The American manufacturing renaissance is here to stay, thanks in large part to the use of factory automation and highly-trained operators who can crank out high-quality parts quickly. This is allowing American ...

Robots and Jobs: The Easily-Explained Story May Not Be the Right One

Marlin Steel on March 4, 2016
Here at the Marlin Steel factory, the production team uses manufacturing robots for a variety of different tasks. From bending steel wires, to making welds, to cutting or punching holes into sheet metal, factory robots ...

Studying How Marlin Steel Delivers Quality Engineered Quick

Marlin Steel on December 22, 2015
A while back, there were a few articles that took a look at the business innovations being put into place at Marlin Steel. What were the innovations Marlin was making, and how did these news articles see them? ...

The Rise of Manufacturing Jobs in America, even with Robotics

Marlin Steel on November 4, 2015
For a long time, it was assumed that the introduction of manufacturing automation would lead to the loss of manufacturing jobs for Americans. Automation is a disruptive technology, after all, meaning that it can cause ...

U.S. Manufacturing Concerns: Does the EPA Have Too Much Reach?

Marlin Steel on October 8, 2015
For decades, American legislators have been passing laws and regulations designed to help protect our environment. One notable example is the passing of the Clean Air Act, which was designed to combat the issues of ...

Video: How Cool Stuff is Made at Marlin Steel

Marlin Steel on October 5, 2015
A while back, the National Association of Manufacturers produced a video about how “cool stuff is being made” here at Marlin Steel. Throughout the video, which you can find attached ...

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