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Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Using Plain Steel Baskets in Your Process

Marlin Steel on May 7, 2015
Steel is an incredibly useful material for manufacturing. The discovery of steel jumped manufacturing and technology forward, allowing us to build bigger and better structures and products. However, as versatile and ...

Let Marlin Steel’s Expert Engineers Answer Your Questions

Drew Greenblatt on May 1, 2014
Over the years, the Marlin Steel team has evolved. Back in the ‘90s, when Drew Greenblatt first acquired the company, we were a simple commodity manufacturer of wire baskets. Today, we are a highly advanced manufacturer of products that require ...

Do special finishes make sense for stainless steel?

Andy Ratner on August 19, 2013
Yes. Electropolishing of stainless steel is commonly used for food, drug, medical and semi-conductor applications and for those where high fatigue strength is needed. It removes burrs and sharp edges and lessens strains by removing microscopic nicks ...

How we make baskets for precision cleaning systems

Andy Ratner on August 6, 2013

Is 316 Stainless Steel Worth the Extra Cost over 304?

Andy Ratner on July 10, 2013
For most applications, 304 grade has the best combination of corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, and cost. For high corrosion resistance in food, biomedical, marine, and heat exchanger applications, 316 can be ...

What makes stainless steel stainless?

Andy Ratner on June 26, 2013 ...

How robots create jobs here: Let us count the ways

Andy Ratner on January 22, 2013
From Drew Greenblatt’s latest column in Inc. magazine on the connection between automation and job creation: ...

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