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Marlin Steel Hosting a Workshop for The 28th Annual Shingo Conference!

Later this month, the 28th Annual Shingo Conference will be held in Washington DC. Leaders and experts in manufacturing from all across the world will be there to share their insights and to see real-world examples of the Shingo Model™ in

Marlin Steel’s Lean Manufacturing Skills Featured in Forbes!

Marlin Steel continuously strives to find new ways to make its manufacturing leaner. By increasing speed, accuracy, and efficiency, Marlin’s production team can fulfill tough manufacturing jobs quickly so that clients don’t experience delays in their

Benefits of Embracing Green Manufacturing and Sustainability

From coast to coast, businesses in many industries are talking about going “green,” using less resources and producing less waste to achieve business objectives. It might surprise you to learn that even manufacturers are working towards going

Tolerances - What are Marlin Steel's Tolerances?

Tolerances are critical to know before

Marlin Steel President Speaks on Lean Manufacturing at Mid-Atlantic Conference

Drew Greenblatt, president of Marlin Steel Wire Products in Baltimore, spoke on lean manufacturing principles this month at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Lean Conference. His presentation, titled “

Marlin Steel Addresses AME on Lean Manufacturing

Drew Greenblatt, president of Marlin Steel Wire Products, spoke on Value Stream Management today before an international conference on lean manufacturing held

Safety First: 1,700 straight days accident-free

We crossed the 1,700-day mark for consecutive days without a lost time accident this week. Among the folks pleased by that milestone: Our insurance

How We Helped a Midwest Manufacturer Lean Out

Marlin Steel designed a “pin rack” for a manufacturer of parts wash equipment, to wash oils and contaminants off newly fabricated fittings and valves. The racks were customized to accommodate the smaller wash stations that the facility used in