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Stainless Steel Trays for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Doctors, upon receiving their first white coats, take an ethical oath to their patients. Often that oath is misquoted as including the phrase “First, do no harm” though the actual text reads “I will do no harm.” The

How Restaurants Can Protect Guests With Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

As restaurants begin to open up again in the post-pandemic era, they need to take the proper steps to make their dining rooms safe, comfortable, and sanitary for employees and customers.

How Face Shields Facilitate Infectious Disease Control

Many infectious diseases are spread via respiratory droplets that are transmitted when someone with a virus coughs or sneezes. When another person close by inhales the droplet or touches a contaminated surface and then

How Stainless Steel Surgical Trays Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Every health facility or hospital that performs surgical procedures needs reliable and sanitary surgery tools that last for a long time. The stainless steel surgical trays

4 Benefits of Rolling IV Poles

Intravenous poles, commonly known as IV poles, are a common necessity in all hospitals. They provide patients with a continuous flow of medication and other other life-saving fluids.

Marlin IV Poles Adhere to Medical Tilt and Threshold Requirements

Due to the sensitive nature of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, equipment used in labs and hospitals must be up to par

How Airports Can Protect Travelers With Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Airports are vital resources in the transportation of people and products throughout the regional, national, and international levels of commerce. However, the possibility of disease transmission through air travel is

How Hand Sanitizer Stands Can Help Gyms Reopen Safely

Life is beginning to return to  - somewhat - normal for many people with the