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How to Choose Custom Steel Baskets for Medical Applications

Medical and pharmaceutical product manufacturers and users both have to be very careful about how they store and wash their tools. Manufacturers need to ensure that the medical and pharmaceutical products they make are sterile and in top condition so

More Than Just Baskets: Making Custom Wire Forms for A/C Units

Many of the articles on the Marlin Steel blog are about the numerous custom wire baskets that the Marlin team has manufactured for various special applications. However, Marlin’s manufacturing team makes

Custom Wire Racks for Washing Cell Therapy Manufacturing Equipment

The pharmaceutical industry frequently requires stringent sanitation controls. Cell therapy manufacturing has a particularly

How Marlin Steel Makes Custom Wire Forms in the USA

Marlin Steel is a major proponent of “reshoring,” the practice of moving manufacturing jobs from foreign companies operating overseas back to

Marlin’s Stainless Steel Diamond Wire Hooks Featured in WFTI

Wire Forming Technology International (WFTI), publishes a quarterly magazine that covers major stories and events concerning “Manufacturers of Springs, Wire Formed Parts, Wire Mesh, and

Improving Safety in Manufacturing with Custom Wire Forms

For any manufacturer, safety is a paramount concern. Lost-time safety incidents carry several penalties that cannot be ignored, including:

Creating a Better Oyster Basket for Seafood Processing Equipment

In coastal cities like Baltimore, people take their oysters seriously. Virtually anywhere you go on the eastern coast of the U.S., you can find oyster farms or even the occasional oyster boat that picks up wild-grown oysters and mussels for

Custom Stainless Steel Cotter Pins for Medical Applications

Cotter pins are a common tool for fastening objects that you may need to quickly disassemble later. In pharmaceutical and healthcare applications, however, not just any cotter pin will do. Cotter pins used in