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Marlin Steel on November 12, 2019

Different companies have different needs for their material handling baskets. There is no “one size fits all” solution that meets every need. For example, one company might need a material handling basket that can safely hold many small parts through a caustic washing process. Another company might need a basket that can hold materials weighing several hundred pounds. This is why Marlin Steel’s engineers frequently create new custom wire baskets for the company’s clients.

Here are a few examples of some of the custom steel wire baskets that Marlin engineers have designed for other clients in the past—along with an explanation of their design features and why they were included:

Material Handling Basket 837016

Meet Material Handling Basket #00837016!This custom wire basket was made from grade 304 stainless steel to withstand use in a caustic parts washing process where the basket and the parts it held would be submerged fully. Because the basket was to be used constantly in a full immersion process, it needed to have enough corrosion resistance to take continuous exposure to the client’s chemical wash process.

To help protect the parts being held inside (which would typically be six rectangular objects), the basket included a latching lid that would close and hold secure. The sides of the basket had enough open space to allow runoff from the wash process to drain with ease, but not so open that any of the parts being held could slide out of the basket.

A set of handles were added to this design to make it easier for workers to carry around the factory floor, helping to speed the basket’s contents along their manufacturing process.

Material Handling Basket 2016004

See how this basket holds each part in a precise layout.This basket design needed to be extremely open to allow optimal air flow and make accessing the parts inside as easy as possible. However, each part also needed to be held precisely in place for an automated system to be able to insert or remove each one for processing. Also, the basket was nearly three feet long and more than a foot wide, and needed to be stackable to save floor space.

While the client had an existing basket that they were using, it had a flaw that was causing the parts to be damaged during processing. So, they came to Marlin Steel for a solution. Marlin’s engineering team got to work on creating a new design that would be open and accessible without risking the client’s parts falling through.

To accomplish this, they created an open-topped basket design with a custom wire insert that would hold each part at a precise angle and position. This allowed the client’s automated equipment to add or remove parts with ease while minimizing the risk of damage. Meanwhile, the edges of the basket were made with rounded edges so as not to catch on the conveyor belt that would move the basket from place to place in the automated manufacturing process.

Material Handling Basket 938015

00938015 was designed to optimize the client's parts washing process.This basket design had a similar challenge as the one above in that it needed to be incredibly open while holding parts in a precise manner. However, the size and shape of the parts to be held were completely different. Instead of holding over a dozen parts, this basket needed to hold two large cylindrical parts while still being easy to carry by hand.

Since the cylinders were wider at one end than the other, the custom insert for this basket had different-sized grooves at each end to ensure that there would be no loading a part “backwards” in the basket. Also, one side of the wires were slightly elevated to allow any runoff from cleaning processes to drain away from the held parts. If both ends of the part were level, used cleaning fluid could pool inside the cylinder.

Handles were added that not only made the basket easy to carry, but would act as a guide when stacking the baskets as well. By making the baskets stackable, space could be saved on the client’s factory floor.

Material Handling Basket 710001

This two-piece basket design helped provide optimal protection and ease of loading/unloading for the client.One of the biggest challenges in washing very small parts is that, during a rinse and wash process, the parts can easily be ejected from the basket holding them. Normally, to fix this issue, a custom steel wire basket will use a complete enclosure that keeps parts from falling out.

However, in this custom wire basket application, the client wanted to keep parts held in a specific layout and wanted the parts to be easy to access for insertion or removal. Since a latched lid would be difficult to work with thick leather gloves, the client wanted a different solution.

So, Marlin’s engineers proposed a somewhat unique, two-piece basket design that would provide the best combination of easy access and part protection. The bottom piece would be a basket with a set of thick wires that the client’s parts would rest on. Meanwhile, an upper piece would act as a wire mesh lid that would simply lay over the parts and hold them in place during the wash/rinse process.

Being held only by its own weight, the lid would be extremely easy to remove, yet was secure enough to keep parts from flying out of the basket during high-pressure wash processes. Two large handles would allow workers wearing extra-thick protective gloves to easily carry the basket between processes as well.

These are just a few of the custom wire basket designs that Marlin Steel’s engineers have created over the years. Do you need a materials handling solution that’s optimized for your unique needs? Reach out to the Marlin Steel team today to get started.

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