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Say Hello to Marlin’s New Lincoln MIG (GMAW) and TIG (GTAW) Welder!

Marlin’s investments in factory automation have helped us meet incredibly tight parts tolerances time and again over the last

Taking a Quick Look at Different Types of Welding Processes

Welding is a key process in the creation of almost any custom steel wire or sheet metal form—from the smallest trays to the biggest stainless steel carts. When most

The Best Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques the Pros Use

There are dozens of ways to shape, join, and cut sheet metal—far too many to cover them all in depth in a single post. Today, the team here at Marlin Steel thought they’d share a few of their favorite/best

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Marlin Wire Baskets

Everyone here at Marlin Steel takes enormous pride in the speed and quality at which they can produce custom steel wire baskets for a number of different applications.

Why Weld Symbols Are Vital to Consistent Metal Fabrication Quality

Careful preparation is key to ensuring high quality in any manufacturing endeavor. When preparation is lacking, it can have a significant negative impact on the final product.

A Closer Look: Visual Examination of a Welding Joint

Welds are enormously important for creating strong custom steel wire baskets and other metal forms. When done right, welds can contribute to the overall strength of the basket and make it last longer.

5 Types of Resistance Welding Defects to Look Out for in Wire Baskets

Resistance welding is an excellent way to join two pieces of stainless steel wire to create a strong, durable bond without relying on a separate welding material. When done right, resistance welding can join small pieces of metal, such as those used

Woven Mesh Vs Welded Wire Mesh: Which is Better for Your Process?

When a custom wire basket is made, there are generally two ways to hand the overlapping sections of wire: permanently welding them together, or weaving them over and under to create a loose net shape.