Why Marlin Uses Questionnaires for Custom Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets

January 20, 2017 | Custom Wire Baskets, Parts Washing

Marlin Steel makes ultrasonic cleaning baskets for a variety of industries. Marlin Steel has a critical step that gets used for nearly every basket order. This one process is foundational for every custom order, and may even be used when clients are interested in getting a stock basket—especially when the client is getting ready to order ultrasonic cleaning baskets.

Why does Marlin Steel try to make sure that companies ordering ultrasonic cleaning baskets fill out a custom basket questionnaire?

  1. To Make Sure Baskets Will Fit Cleaning Tank Dimensions. Ultrasonic parts washing baskets won’t do much good if the basket won’t fit in the cleaning tank. The basket questionnaire allows Marlin’s engineers to get the measurements of the wash tank so the maximum allowable dimensions of the basket can be set.

  2. To Verify Which Materials/Coatings to Use. Ultrasonic cleaning processes can vary wildly from one to the next. Different machines might use different transducers, cleaning solutions, and operating times to get parts clean. To keep the ultrasonic cleaning baskets intact for as long as possible, the materials and coatings used need to be resistant to the chemicals and forces used in that ultrasonic cleaning machine.

  3. To Get Feedback About What Features the Basket Should Have. While it’s very likely that there’s at least one stock basket design in the Marlin Steel catalog that has all of the features you might need (lid, dividers, handles, hoist rings, stacking capabilities, etc.), it’s important to be sure. The questionnaire gives companies the chance to highlight specific features needed for smoothly integrating the basket with their parts finishing process.

Ultimately, the point of the custom basket questionnaire is to make sure that all of the details are right—even for “stock” basket orders.

By filling out a custom basket questionnaire, you’re giving Marlin’s engineers important insights into your production process and needs. These insights can be invaluable for tweaking a design for improved productivity or useful life.

A Real-World Example

Recently, a client made a request for a specific ultrasonic parts cleaning basket for their wash process. They already had a specific basket in mind—one with all the right features for their needs. They also had a specific basket coating in mind—Teflon®.

However, when Marlin’s engineers checked out the questionnaire, they noticed a potential issue. The wash process involved prolonged exposure to sodium hydroxide and several different acid compounds in a full immersion process.

The porous nature of Teflon® would make it an imperfect way to protect the basket from the corrosive effects of the chemicals involved. So, the coating and base material choice had to be tweaked to prevent corrosion.

After running some simulations with different materials and coatings, Marlin’s engineers were able to find a material and coating combination that would stand up to the wash process.

By filling out the questionnaire, the client was able to avoid a potentially disastrous problem.

Need a custom wire basket for a specific application? Get started on your order by filling out a custom basket questionnaire!

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